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Good sizes at the Partayyyy!

Hai WV,

Today was the 2 Year Anniversary Party. our second event after Christmas! At this event we had 10 minutes of serious tactics and formations to get some pictures for the event and then we did some partying. We went to the Night Club and recruited some noobs with tactics and then went to Plaza ship for some pizza nomming  and ordering! During this, we also had a ‘Card Jitsu’ game, in which Joseph won the Christmas Power. Congratulations,Jose. As for the tactics before the party, I was happy with our sizes of 13-16 and hope we can improve after the year and into 2013. COMMENT IF YOU CAME AND SPREAD THE PARTY CHEER!

This event was fun after the seriousness at the start of doing some tactics for some pictures and as one of the WV sub-leaders, I wish you a very happy anniversary. We will post on New Years day, but I just want to wish you a happy new year now in case you aren’t on that day. Here are my pictures from the event:




love size






Practise with Pretzels to Training Session [RESULT!]

Once again we have prevailed at an ”mediocre” practice battle between the WV and Pretzels today! Good job to both WV and Pretzels troops on Club Penguin for a great practice battle. WE logged on at 8:50PM GMT and recruited till the battle started. The IW logged on maybe 5 minutes after the battle started.

Zak ordered a line at the town at the beginning of the battle and it went on from there. We battled mainly at mainly the Town then started our makeshift training session at Snow Forts and partially the Ice Berg. Zak let me take over after he  had to go afk for a few mins. We got about 13 troops on and the Pretzels 1-2. I hoped for more then 17 troops on but its okay. I can see all armies are falling a bit. Lets try to get over 20 troops next time though!

Less then 10 minutes into the battle it was clear WV was going to win so Pretzels surrendered and we started a small training session at Snow Forts. I have  pics of the battle and will be linked at the bottom of the post. Thanks to all that attended.

Comment if you made it !