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Critic’s Corner: “Dating Around”

“I chew really loud, and that’s because I enjoy the food.” – Tiffany
As I witness Tiffany mowing down on her pasta and smacking her lips to “taste the spices,” it provides me a reminiscence of what makes dating great: meeting new people, some normal, some not-so-normal, and some just downright insane (please, Tiffany, close your damn mouth). There are plenty of awkward moments that make me cringe off the bed, such as when Ben (protect this man at all costs PLEASE) gets friend-zoned into another galaxy. Sarah’s downright insanity becoming evident as the episode progresses is incredibly entertaining to watch, as seen in this quote here: “I’m gonna give you a piece of advice and that is DON’T EVER TELL A WOMAN TO RELAX.”
All jokes aside here, this show is unique in that it does not fit the typical dating show’s stereotype. When we think of a dating show, we think of clean-cut straight white men and women in their mid-20’s searching for love. This show adds so much spice to the dating show scene, with episodes featuring an older widower, a divorced Indian-American woman, and several different gay, lesbian, and bisexual people.
In essence, Sarah is insane, Ben is the real-life version of George McFly, Lex is an absolute stud, and Leonard may be one of the funniest men alive. Keep in mind that dating is not allowed within Water Vikings, and if you do, it’s probably cringer than anything you’ll watch on this series since most of you lot have no idea how to talk to someone you’re interested in. In conclusion, when we have a viewing session of this show, definitely come give it a watch, as you will be cringing for the entire duration of the episode but its strange allure will have you coming back for more.
Overall Rating: 7.3/10