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Legend Cup Quarter-Finals – Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto Klondike for our Legends Cup, Quarter-Finals battle against The ACP. However, after 5 different room changes, confusion on whether to stay online or log off, and bot raiding the entire time, we decided to log off. The event was not judged, so both Water Vikings and ACP will be moving on to face the Nachos in the Semi-Finals. However, today we did a decent job for slacking lately. We maxed a total of 24 Water Vikings and averaged 22 troops (including lockouts whom were not pictured). Remember guys, we have huge events every day, so make sure to attend! Click “continue reading” for pictures (taken by Funks and I), a song as usual, and to comment if you came!

Prebattle – E+9

E+7 Winkies (through bots)

E+2 Smilies (through bots)

Count of 18, lockouts not included

**Note: We did have lockouts, however we did not get to take a picture of them. We were in 3 other rooms than the ones that were included, however, bots prevented decent pictures to take. 

Ƙaтιє0715 💕

Ɯaтєя Ʋιкιηgѕ Ɗυcнєѕѕ/Lєaɗєяяя

US Division Opening – RESULTS!


Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto the server Beanie to recruit and start up our US division! We did a wonderful job for our first US division event since returning! Thank you to all who attended, and remember, our second US event will be on Thursday at the same time! 

Click continue reading for pictures (thanks to Adden, Wheelo, Apollo and I), to comment if you came, and another song!

MAX: 38


37 on cp

E+8 Ill Faces

E+2 Smilies

J for Jokes!

E+7 Winkies

E+K Cakes

E+F Clovers

E+M Money Coins