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[EU] Practice Battle and Cart Surfer With RPF

Hi Water Vikings! Today, June 8th, we logged on to Club Penguin Army Battleground for Practice Battle and Cart Surfer Tournament with our brother allies Rebel Penguin Federation! We logged on to Klondike, Stadium and did warm ups for the pratice battle that took place at same server but room Iceberg. After that, we hosted a cool Cart Surfer Tournament, having 1st, 2nd and 3rd places being respectively Chonono (RPF), Insanitypeng (WV) and Joel (WV). We all had a lot of fun with the event, it was a good training and made our bond even stronger! BIG thank you for all leaders, hcom, staff and troops who attended and made this event possible! Cya in the next week with more events <3

Max: 21

Shoutout to the RPF mean girls sitting on the top left!


The Future Is Blue!


Viking Commander

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