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Hello Water Vikings! Today, on August 22th, we logged onto CPA Battleground for our Magic Event! We got cool wizard hats, wands and went to Icebreaker – Iceberg to cast some cool spells and make magic moves! We had a lot of fun, and we hope that our magic skills will get even better after this event! We did a curvy T, which was as straight as some of people in our community. We also tried to kill Harry by Avada Kedavra spell… poor Harry, but the sacrifice had to be made so we could become better wizards! Our magic failed a bit when it came to doing X, but it’s our habit at this point. Overall, the event was amazing and I hope everyone who attended had fun!

Huge thanks to Mabel for her VC and tactic leading and Dino for his tactic leading!

Congratulations to Sisamon and Turtle for attending their first event!

Max: 26


Huge thanks to everyone who attended! It was amazing to see all of you there!

Fear the Wave!


Viking Lord

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