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[EU] Legends Cup Semi-Finals vs. RPF

Hey Gamers, today we logged on to Warzone, CPABattleground for the Legends Cup Semi-finals against RPF! We started preparing for our battle with a few warmups before jumping straight into it. Our first room was Inside Mine with Mabel leading the VC and tactics along with Dino and Jojo.

WV went up to bat against a tough army, resulting in the loss of room one.
Room two was Snow Forts, a tight space that tested our patience and our skill. RPF tried to force out of form multiple times, but WV never gave in.

This room resulted in a tie.
Room three was a struggle, Cove being one of the smallest along RPF constantly testing us and countering. WV never kneeled though, showing our passion and power by tying the room up.
Overall, RPF took the win, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. In fact, it means we should strive harder to reach the trophy next LC.

Happy Gaming!

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