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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer┇04/23 – 04/29

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Looking back on a busy week of events, it’s clear that with the upcoming tournament: AUSIA Arena, we spend most of our training and training. Once we win, it will be highly worth the training. Let’s take a look back at the events hosted this week!

To start things off, Congratulations to Water Vikings for ranking back to fourth  We have been maintaining a steady placement as one of the top five armies of this community for the past couple of weeks. Let’s continue to maintain that trend!



Original Post by: Mogi

Max: 18

We had a very productive training in the town for the first event of the week, and then we partied in the nightclub to celebrate our hard work!

[EU] 04/24 Stadium Training

Original Post by: Mabel

Max: 23

We headed to the Stadium to figure out some tricky forms and get practice in those forms for future battles and tournaments!

[EU] Inside Mines Training

Original Post by: Lunita

Max: 23

Another opportunity to practice our tricky forms and bombs in a popular battle room: The Mine!

[US] Forest Training

Original Post by: DrQueen

Max: 20

Another room that we focused on today is the forest! Forest has been revamped as a battle room; although it’s not one of the most popular rooms to call, we are still ready to tackle this room if called.

[AUSIA] PB against SWAT

Original Post by: Lunita

Max: 20

We faced SWAT in an AUSIA practice battle this week. Unfortunately, we did not win; this gives us the power to take our mistakes and learn from them to improve ourselves!

That’s all for now, folks! Let’s dominate this week!


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