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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 09/03 – 09/10

Hey Vikings! For this week of Frostbite Observer we’ll be going over our total of 5 events.

But before we start the post, let’s announce our Top Ten results:


Now onto the post! : D

[US] House of the Dragon


Max: 28

To begin the week off we had another invasion event against SWAT, taking their land ”Dragon’s Lair”! Maxing a total of 28

[US] One More Marshmallow


Max: 28

Little did we know this would be our last invasion of SWAT, we invaded their land ”Marshmallow” successfully winning it over as they hadn’t showed up. We maxed a total of 28!

[US] Mystery Game


Max: 26

Aaron hosting an innocent event? WRONG! Gas leak. Aaron forced us to play Hide n Seek after this event which I rightfully won. We maxed a total of 26 online!

[US] Vikings Go For Cart Surfing


Max: 25

Aaron hosts a semi innocent tournament… with an announcement twist, me becoming leader!!! That’s right, I am the seal queen now

But jokes aside, Josh won this tournament (with proof). Sorry to whoever said they got 458 you didn’t post an image (silly)!!!!! We maxed a total of 25 (obviously)

[EU] Second Eagre Foray Victory Parade!


Max: 25

And finally to end the week off we had our victory parade! This was a very good week for the Water Vikings and our allies! We maxed a total of 25 at this event.

And finally to end the post off, time to feature some moments from the scrapbook!

And that’s it for this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 😀


Viking Commander & OO Head

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