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Change Da World; My Final Message

Howdy WV!

As some of you (most of you) probably noticed, I have not been active at all! A lot of this just has to do with what I’m doing IRL. However, let me assure you I’ve been working behind the scenes where I can, helping guide both the LITs and other leaders in places they may need it. However, with this in mind, plus my upcoming vacation and classes starting back up soon, I’ve decided to step down to an advisory position. Ultimately my main reason for this is down to Legends Cup being delayed indefinitely, and not wanting to hold the position of leader if I’m not taking an active role.

I won’t make this a long post, but I do have some people I want to thank. Aaron, Buddy, Adden namely, who I’ve known for nearly a decade at this point. I want to thank Aaron for giving me the chance to help out again, and I want to thank Buddy and Adden for being there and voicing their opinions on internal matters, as well as helping with events. I also want to thank our LITs, namely Dino and Mabel, who I’ve seen turn into more than capable leaders, and who I hope to see leading this army soon. I’d even like to thank people like Xing, Sweater, and Revan who despite my opinions on you and your associated armies, acted as great motivation to see WV succeed. And succeed it has! We saw WV hit 2nd place on the top ten, which is incredible given where it was earlier this year. This is where I thank the rest of you for making that sort of success possible.

I do have one more thing to say, and this one is aimed at the community at large. Keep in mind this is MY opinion, not that of WV itself. Those of you who’ve spoken to me on this matter know how I feel about the current status of CPA, and the structures that make up this community. With this in mind, I must ask you to consider WHY I feel this way about our community, and why I want it to change. Further, what can YOU do to help this community? Making your own army perhaps? Letting your opinion on both army and community affairs be heard? There’s no reason to avoid making your voice heard on these matters.

With the above out of the way, once again I’d like to thank my fellow leaders, associates, my army, and this community for letting me have one more go. I’ll still be around and you can always come and talk if you’d like, but it’s time that I take a step back.


Pjayo – WV Hall of Famer, Leader, and forever a Viking




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