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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 07/31 – 08/06

Hello Vikings! Welcome back to another edition of Frostbite Observer. August is officially here, so start getting ready for the warmer weather up in the North!

In the Top Ten Armies, we have reached 6th place:

Despite us going down 2 ranks, there is always time for improvement!

Now onto the post!!!

In total for this week, we had 6 events.



Max: 26

To begin the week off, Aaron had the silliest little idea ever to have us all share our favorite food! Are caramel apples my favorite food…? The world will never k(no)w….



Max: 15

A few days later we had our first AUSIA event of the week, maxing a good 15!

[EU] You May Be Ice, But We Are The Coolest


Max: 24

Later on in the day, we had a battle with Ice Warriors, maxing a large size during battle of 24, really proving ourselves!

[EU] Aaron’s Dance Party Was A Success!


Max: 31

Aaron decided to let us out of his basement and took us to the club! We all had a very fun time while Aaron blasted Dancing Queen into our ears.

[AUSIA] Mr. Stone Owed Us This U-Lead


Max: 17

With the end of the week coming up, we had one last AUSIA, maxing 17 online!

[EU] Saturday U-Lead


Max: 20

A short bit after, we had our last EU event of the week. Despite the size dropping compared to the other two events, some of our staff and even members had some practice for leading events in the future with this U-Lead event!

Now onto some moments of the week (starting off with Aaron being rude to his sister)!

And that’s all for this post this week! Hope you all have a good day!

Until next time…

Fear The Wave


Vice Commander

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