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An address to WV

Hey Vikings.

I need no introduction, I am sure you might be wondering why I am writing this post, normally after something that transpired like Saturday did I would address the staff but I feel like addressing our community as a whole is better because so many people who attended on Saturday were new troops or people not in the staff server. I am sure that all of you saw Max’s post and if you haven’t you can read that post here. To sum all that up, there will be no review, rematch or overturning of the OT room from Saturdays battle. Max himself investigated our claims of bias from the judges, I have not always gotten along with Max, some of it being one sided coming from me however the past few months I have gotten to know Max better and there is nobody’s judgement I trust more than Max’s.

I have been told by many that I was not making a big enough deal of this to others, I should be advocating for a review, which by the way I did however I also understand that the no review rule can’t be broken mid tournament. That is something I will not advocate for, before I get painted as a BIA puppet or anything I want to say something. Back in late October and early November during WW8, a similar issue arose, whether or not RRs war vs SE was valid due to SEs declaration on Help Force stating “No army can declare war on Silver Empire until this war is complete.” The argument being was if this term is fair and just. I argued that if any rule change should take place, it should take place after completion of the war, not during the middle of it. Ayan, a figure I highly respect can attest to this. It would be highly hypocritical of me to argue in favor of overturning a rule after previously defending keeping it until completion of said events. After the completion of the March Madness tournament, I look forward to sitting down with the staff of the tournament server and the army leaders, so we can work together to figure something out so that a situation like this never arises again.

I would also like to take a minute to apologize for my conduct post battle inside the leaders chat of the tournament server. I let my anger get the best of me and for that I truly do apologize.

To my troops and my staff members, you are all so amazing people. It is perfectly okay to be mad and sad at the result, trust me I have been apart of so many tournaments that I can’t even count them on one hand, where similar situations have happened. I feel your pain, I thought we won too, some said if we had different judges the results would’ve been different. In hindsight I should’ve vetoed Sweater, that mistake falls on my shoulders and I truly apologize for it. If any of you find Sweater or see him in CPA servers again, I request that you leave him be its over now and harassing him will not overturn the battle results. Please do this.

I also wish to see the anti-IW talk to stop, the leaders of the Ice Warriors had nothing to do with the results of Saturdays battle. The Ice Warriors are a faithful ally of the Water Vikings. We have fought side by side the Ice Warriors multiple times since I have been leader. They have had our backs and we have had theirs. Kally, IceQueen and DrQueen are all very nice people who work extremely hard, they also love all of us, so please no more after today.

I want all of you to look back at what you have accomplished so far this year, so many times since the turn of the year I felt as if I had lost motivation to keep going and keep leading. Sometimes I have felt drained, but it was you guys who kept driving motivation into me to continue doing this. A few examples if I may.

We were the only army to win a room vs the RPF in Ausia Arena

We did this.

We drove the Ice Warriors to the brink of elimination

We did this.

This one is old, however its still quite the accomplishment. We beat Templars in the finals of Champions Cup even though they maxed more than us.

We did this.

You all should be so proud of yourselves of what we have accomplished together in the past 9 months. I am only as good as the people below me, I have the best team in the community and I am ever so grateful. You guys drive me to continue doing this. I say this to the staff all the time, its not the first time I have said this and it wont be the last.

My career spans over a decade and you are all the greatest group of people I have ever had the privilege of leading

So many times throughout my leadership I have heard from other army leaders, WV is puny they are not to be taken seriously, we can easily beat WV. I have heard that WV is a joke. I have stayed mostly silent, because I know what you are all capable of, I also know that we excel, we thrive when we are underdogs and when our backs are against the wall. After AUSIA Arena and Saturdays March Madness battle I have only one thing to say to those who keep opening their mouth about my army and under estimating us.

Do we have your attention now?

Aaronstone, WV leader

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  1. Do not ignore my comment Aaronstone

  2. Do not ignore my comment Aaronstone

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  6. what a comment section :wary:

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  8. hello friend, are you still with me before the weekend?

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