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March Madness Round 2 [EU]

Hey there Vikings, today was our March Madness battle vs the Ice Warriors. We unfortunately lost, but thats alright because we preformed extremely well. I am so proud of each and every one of you and how we did today. We pushed one of the best armies of the past 2 years to their absolute limit, something nobody has done in almost 2 years. We had them on the ropes for every single room we fought in, unfortunately losing a highly contested overtime room. Amazing job everyone, truly. I love you guys so much and this is only the beginning of a summer of WV dominance, you have my word on that. All we have to do is build off this. Now on to the results.

[Max: 35]

Great job today Vikings, Congrats to the Ice Warriors for moving on to the semi finals! Until next time WV,

Aaronstone, WV leader

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