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[Ocean Oracle] March 2022 Penguin Style Catalogue

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hello Vikings! The new Card-Jitsu themed Penguin Style has just been released and we couldn’t be more ready!

Here are all the secrets from this catalogue.

The first page of this catalogue features 8 hidden items – The Tuft, The Chill, The Sidetied Too, The Suprema Diva, The Scenester, The Flouncy, The Messiness and the (returning) Spider Poof.

The second page features 6 hidden items – Sushi Combo, Valley Robes, Volcanic Robes, Sashimi Chef Uniform, Snow Peak Robes and Yellow Sweat Band.

The third page features 8 hidden items – Clear Sky Suit, Tea Ceremony Robes, Froggy Floaty, The Quicksilver, Golden Sun Suit, Sensei’s Bamboo Hat, The Cinder and Ink Ceremony Robes.

The fourth page features 4 hidden items – Snowstorm Gi, Cold Snap Sandals, Stone Ninja Suit and Fire Blossom Fan.

The fifth page features 7 hidden items – Emerald Kit, Black Sneakers, Curly Lochs, The Highlander, The Firey Flare, Shamrock Dress and Shamrock Skirt.

In addition to this, we also got some new flags in this catalogue.

And there’s that! Don’t forget that the Puffle Party is still on, with the puffle items in the new catalogue. On a side note, mining in the cave is producing DOUBLE the coins for a limited time and typing on some android devices has also been fixed.

Card-Jitsu is going to arrive this month along with some visits from Sensei so get ready for that!

Thanks for reading, adios Ninjkings!

That’s it for this month’s catalog secrets! What do YOU think about these hidden items? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


Viking Lord

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