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[Ocean Oracle] January Igloo Catalog

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! A new Igloo Catalog has been released! What does it have and where are the hidden items? Continue reading to find out!

Page One has twelve hidden items: The Small Rock, Bulrushes, Board Wave, Swinging Vines, Crab Treasure Chest, Bridge of Destiny, Wall Torch, Brazier, Wall Net, Old Penguin Monument, Wall Map and Wall Sconce.

Page two has twelve hidden items as well: The Dinosaur Skull, Sand Bucket, Dinosaur Bones, Stone Lantern, Fruit Pillar, River’s Edge, Scroll-down Map, Desert Island, Desert Stones, Royal Cannon, Flower Planter and Stone Column Ruins.

Page three has nine hidden items: The Gold Walkway, Golden Lava Puddle, Tall Mushrooms, Swamp Slime, Dragon’s Gold, Wooden Crate, Ectoplasmic Pit, Watering Hole, and Ectoplasmic Crevasse.

Page four has thirteen hidden items: The Pitcher’s Mound, Koi Pond, Ogre Fence, Leafy Roof, Mysterious Mist, Leafy Window, Jungle Flora, Eerie Cave, Patio Parasol, Jungle Fern, Island Trinkets, Evergreen Plant, and Jungle Bloom.

This concludes this month’s new additions! What do YOU think about these additions? Let us know in the comments section OR in our Discord server!


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