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[Ocean Oracle] Club Penguin Catalog | January 2022


FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital Ahoy vikings!! A new catalog has been released on Club Penguin filled with pirate themed items! Wanna know where all the hidden items are? Read on to find out!

Page one has ten hidden items: The Rascal, The Swabbie, First Maiden Outfit, The Scallywag, Foraged Bracelet, String of Shells, The Popstar, Lost Sailor’s Outfit, Watermelon Jungle Clothing, and the White Admiral Jacket.


Page two has thirteen hidden items: the Admirals Coat, The Showstopper, Aqua Striped T-Shirt, Black and Red Sailor Shirt, The Navy Officer, Navy Suit, Park Ranger Hat, Admirals Hat, Eyepatch, Admiral Jacket, Pirate Bandana, Life Ring, and The Lookout.


Page three has seven hidden items: the Ship Shape Outfit, Pirate Arm Bands, Helmsman Vest, Brown Pirate Boots, Pirate Boots, Captain’s Greatcoat, and the strange purple unnamed outfit???


Page four has six hidden items: The Sass, Pirate Lass, Diamond Viking Helmet (my personal favorite), Gray Pirate Coat, The Firey Flare, and The Wisp.

Shiver me timbers! That’s it for this months catalog secrets! What do YOU think about these hidden items? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


Vice Commander & OO Skald

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