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[EU] The Vikings Turn 11 with a Battle

Hello everyone!

Today is an extra special day as we celebrated the 11th Anniversary of the Water Vikings! That’s right folks, the Vikings have stood tall in this community for over a decade. We’ve won wars, gone through trials and tribulations, risen, fallen, then risen again. We have grown, as a community, as an army, and most importantly, as a family:wvheart:

Today, we logged on to Ascent on CPR to celebrate this marvellous occasion, along with 42 Vikings! This event saw many old faces, such as Change and Thomas, as well as a plethora of new ones too. We gathered at the Stadium before moving to the Underground Pool to have a fun battle with our blue brothers, the amazing Ice Warriors! We then moved to the Iceberg to wrap up the celebration, then hit the Ski Lodge for some post-event hot cocoa and Connect 4.

Thank you to everyone who came today, all our wonderful allies, and to every single person who has contributed to making the history of the Vikings a glorious one. And make sure you come for our Bloc Party with the Western Bloc!

Max: 42


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  1. really fun event! heck i even got nitro.

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