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[Ocean Oracle] How To Get The Lighthouse Costume!

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hello again Vikings! Welcome to another Ocean Oracle post! In this post, we’ll be discussing the new Lighthouse costume and how YOU can grab one for your penguin! So follow along with this post and don’t forget to log onto Club Penguin Rewritten while following the steps!

When you log on, you’ll want to head to the forest. There sits a hot air balloon labeled as ”Balloon Ride.” The hot air balloon now teleports you into another room which you’ll need to get into to find the costume! Make sure to walk into the hot air balloon as the arrow states.

When you enter into the hot air balloon, it will lift into the sky, and on the far right corner will be a timer. This timer will say you’ll be reaching the Tallest Mountain in 1 minute! Wait for a minute to finish up before moving on to the next step.

Once the timer is up, the door to the air balloon will open and a doormat with ”Exit” on it will appear. Click on the doormat to exit out of the balloon and you’ll be welcomed into the tallest mountain!

I forgot to circle for this one, but in the far right corner there will be a box with a sign that says ”FREE”! Walk into the box and you’ll come up with this message:

The message will ask if you’d like to pick up the ”Lighthouse Costume”. Make sure to click YES!

Once grabbing the costume, you’ll want to edit your penguin. You can do this by clicking your penguin or clicking the second button on the right side of the chat bar. If you have multiple items, you’ll want to click body items where the costume should be. For me on my main, it was at the very bottom of the page, but it could be different for everyone. Make sure to place this costume for our next event coming up against the Templars!

Now you and your friends can be lighthouses! :awe:

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Viking General & OO Co-Head

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