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oh the lulz

oh the lulz

First off I just wanna start out by addressing the big elephant in the room by saying Misty did not multilog for the Champions Cup battle, the picture in question was sent in our event pictures channel by Misty yes, but at my request because nobody had taken event pictures of the battle. A WV troop had filmed the battle and had Misty friended, which is why Mistys name pops up as a friend because Misty like so many other people in this community have dog shit computers that can’t run CPR.

you can find the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps30PCgLsHo time stamps 0:19 and 7:50. Nice reach there though, could’ve taken you all but 15 minutes and 33 seconds to figure that out instead you decide to accuse us of multilogging our tournament final where we won our first championship. Nice one.


As it goes for the now world famous Peach Pie account, Peachpie is an account that gets used around Water Vikings as a spare account for troops who get banned, safechatted, or just new people in general who havent made an account yet, this practice is not uncommon in this community.

So there you go, like stated above Peachpie is a spare account we use for people who dont have accounts. Nobody multilogged.

Also in regards to this, we had already been accused of it previously and we use it as a running gag.

This is a part of your post that I found hilarious.

“The Water Vikings, brother allies to the Silver Empire, have declared war against us. Just like the inexperienced Silvers, the Vikings are attempting to enforce their will upon the entire community through a war post.” Stop trying to act all high and mighty lads, whos the one who picked this fight in the first place? It was you, if anyone is trying to force their will on the community it’s you. You are the one who invaded an army that maxes a whole lot less than you, under the guise of “a continuation of war that took place when there was no map”. If anyone is trying to force their will upon the community its you, we formed the Western Bloc to protect ourselves from your aggressions because if you were going to go after Silver Empire whos to say you weren’t going to come for us next? You picked this fight, stop acting like you’re the victim here its actually really sad and cringe from an army that is held in such high regard and has people in it that I have a lot of respect for.

So yeah thats it pretty much I don’t really have much else to say other than lol, this all couldve been easily obtained information if you actually took the time to look, also I gotta say can we stop with posts and fight the war? This is why CPA is in such an absolutely horrible state right now, being divided doesn’t help but the amount of toxicity is why this community is in such a frail state.

-Aaronstone Viking Commander/Legend

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