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The Time Has Come

Good evening Water Vikings.

The Water Vikings Herby Officially Declare War On The Help Force

Hope springs eternal, even for the most hopeless of wars

From today forward the Water Vikings declares war on the Help Force of Club Penguin for their continued acts of aggression and attempted conquest of our allies the Silver Empire. The Water Vikings will commit the full force of our empire alongside our allies to crush the Help Force and all who decide to stand with them. The Help Force believe they can win this war due to their size but they are wrong. It’s no secret the Water Vikings are most war capable army in the Club Penguin army community with our forces being known for winning 2 major wars lasting months at a time and if need be we WILL do it again This is a call to ALL Vikings former and current this is a call to return home and put as much focus into WV as much as you can because together we can win so if you are currently ranked but inactive or simply retired this is your chance to stand with your fellow Vikings at a time where it truly matters.



  1. Server transfers are hereby frozen. Neither army shall send or receive servers from third party armies until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded; be it by treaty or submission.
  2. No multilogging, doxxing, botting or ddosing of any sort.
  3. The usage of allies is allowed. However, the usage of troops that are dual enlisted after the date of this post (October 25th, 2021, UK) is prohibited.
  4.  Any army that is not currently registered with CPAN as of October 25th, 4 AM UK Time, cannot aid in this war via sending their troops or any means of aiding. Armies that register with CPAN after October 25th, 4 AM UK Time cannot take part in this war.
  5. Any army that is not currently registered with CPAN as of October 25th, 4 AM UK Time, cannot support an army involved in this war via dual enlists. However, any dually enlisted troops that were previously in an army registered within the CPAN league and an army outside of it will not be affected by this term.
  6. All battles must be judged by 3 official and neutral judges, otherwise, the invasion/defense will be deemed invalid.
  7. Only official battles will count towards a total war score.
  8. Any violation of the terms above by the Help Force will result in an automatic win for the Water Vikings, leading to a force treaty.
  9. Only one invasion is allowed to be scheduled at a time and all invasions must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance in which the opposing army leader(s) must be notified (48 hours in advance).
  10. The Common Terms of Engagement for CPAN Invasions and Defences apply.


A Message to the Army of Club Penguin

We are confused why you entered this war to start with, you’ve lost 2 allies and are simply being used, HF are simply using you to boost their events yet when a ACP event comes along where are HF? Do you see HF logging on their people to help you increase your sizes and pay back the debt they owe? You waste your time in your most vulnerable of times helping a war which serves you no benefit except burn you out and make you look like hypocrites, which brings me to my second point. In your war post one of your reasons for war was because SE were accused of multilogging, yet you support HF an army who has Scorp in their HCOM who actually DEFACED RR’s discord which in my opinion is far worse than the weak multilogging accusations against SE. We know that this war is unpopular with some people in your army and armies HCOM, you are stricken with internal issues, We can call it water under the bridge if you pull out of this war and stay neutral and we can look at supporting each other outside of this war before it’s too late. Also with that being said, we officially cut ties with the ACP in terms of being allies, perhaps later on down the road we can once again work towards being allies.


Aaronstone Viking Commander/Viking Legend

Revan Viking Commander/Viking Legend

Fedd76 Viking Commander/Greatest Leader

Mistymoonlake Viking Commander/Greatest Leader

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