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Water Vikings: Foreign Policy

Water Vikings: Foreign Policy

This post will detail the foreign relations policies which Water Vikings will be following as we begin a new generation and look towards re-establishing ourselves at the heart of the CPA community.


1. Neutrality

The Water Vikings will maintain a neutral stance within the community from the beginning. We do not have intentions of communal dominance or to establish ourselves as a superpower. We will maintain a neutral stance and approach each conflict with an objective point of view.

2. Anti-Monopolization

Water Vikings hold an anti-monopoly stance. We want this community to remain friendly and supportive of new armies and innovations. As such, we completely condemn the destruction and warmongering of smaller nations and will seek to defend these smaller nations through diplomatic means so long as this is feasible. We stand firmly against any army which aspires to establish itself as a superpower within the community. This community is for armies of all shapes and sizes; we seek to preserve the integrity of the community through campaigning a disestablishmentarian philosophy.

3. Alliances

The Water Vikings will focus on diplomatic relations with armies on an individual basis. We will avoid, where possible, entry into larger alliances as we cannot be held responsible for the goodwill of other empires. We will deal with each ally on an individual basis. Furthermore, we will seek to strengthen our alliance with particular nations who share the same morals and philosophical outlook as we do.

4. Restoration

We plan to restore Water Vikings to the core of the army community. This will place us once again at the heart of the community; where we will impact the trajectory of community development and ensure the long-term survival of this great establishment.

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