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Water Vikings Temporary Shutdown

The Water Vikings hereby enter into a temporary shutdown.

We will be returning very soon to our usual scheduled events. In the meantime, we’ll be chatting away on our Discord as per usual!


Hello all, Over the past 14 months the Water Vikings have been amongst the very biggest and most competitive armies in the community – we have sparked some of the most interesting wars and we have helped to reshape the landscape of CP Armies. This has been under multiple leaderships, HCOM, staff and troops – I would like to personally thank you all for your incredible efforts over this year. It is with a heavy heart that I am here today to tell you that the leadership, Misty and Oreo and higher council of Vikings, Buddy Adden myself and Change, have agreed to a temporary closure of the army. Many of you will be asking why we have decided to take this course of action. In truth, sizes have been on a gradual size over the past months and we have lost a considerable chunk of our staff and higher command. There have been some limited internal conflicts, but it has become harder to maintain this army to the legacy that we want to uphold. Again, I would like to thank everyone that is still putting in 100% into this army and that is what makes this decision even harder. This, however, is not goodbye. The army will be returning under a new leadership, however the exact time span is to be confirmed. There is a team already working behind the scenes to bring the army back, and we will keep you updated. Staff and troops – I hope to see you back when we reopen. For now – fear the wave :wave1:

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