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[EU] Invasion of Beanie

Hiiii Vikings!! 

Today, 18th of June 2021, we logged into Ascent of CPR to battle the People’s Imperial Confederation for their server, Beanie! First we warmed up in the Iceberg where we moved onto the first battle room, the Underground Pool! (pool party flashbacks) From there the battle continued in the Everyday Phoning Facility and finally Inside the Mine. Many Vikings must’ve been sleepy after our other invasion earlier today, so we didn’t have that many penglings on. :E4:  HOWEVER due to Misty and Chey’s awesome leading we successfully conquered Beanie!! :E1: Also a big thanks to our own Viking Guard BabelMabel for covering for Misty and vc transcribing the last room, so our beloved leader could go pee. (pissty)

GG’s everyone for today, tune in tomorrow for a special Staff-U-lead event!

MAX: 13

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