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Graduation Party and Other News


FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! Welcome to another edition of the Ocean Oracle! The Graduation Party has been out for a few days, and today we bring you a guide on how to get its new items and stamps before it ends. Also, there are some new catalogs with hidden items I would like to share with you and new information on what CPR has planned next.

Celebrate Class of 2021 In-Game!

Some people aren’t able to celebrate in person this special time of theirs, so CPR brought it virtually to everyone

Before you log in, click the money coin at the top right to enter the new codes.


First off, to experience the Graduation Party, head to the Book Room (above the Coffee Shop) to claim your very own graduation cap.

Then head to the Night Club to party the night away!

During the party, you will also get the chance to meet DJ Maxx!

DJ Maxx, or Disc Jockey Maxx, is a retired DJ in Club Penguin.  He is known for helping with the opening of the Night Club and mentoring Cadence.


Use your trackers on Discord

CPR Cheats

CPR Helpers

Mascot Finders


When you finally get in the same room as DJ Maxx, you will earn the stamp if you don’t already have it.

You can also receive DJ Maxx background by either clicking on him or going to your Buddies List from the taskbar!

Click the Smiley face to go to your Buddies List

DJ Maxx background looks like this:


Better Igloos Cheats, May 2021

After you’re done partying, head to your igloo to find the new catalog along with new secret items!

Here are all the new pages with their secret items!


New Pin 

Dino Snack

Snow Forts

May 26, 2021

Penguin Style Cheats, May 2021

CPR has just released the new penguin style, with a great theme to match the upcoming Prehistoric Party! Press continue to read more and find the MANY secrets in this month’s release. (Including a cardigan inspired by Harry Styles!)

Next up is the page with the penguins at work items and the item of the month. Be sure to grab the Item of the month, as it won’t return in the future!

A Meteor Has Landed!

A meteor has struck the island, leaving some significant damage to the Dock! The Club Penguin Rewritten team also indicated that there could be other “strange sightings” soon.

This is all part of the build-up to the Prehistoric Party, which will involve traveling back in time. It’s likely that in terms of the storyline for the event, the meteorite is going to be how Gary powers the Time Trekker already located at the Snow Forts.


 Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure

At the top right, click the jewels

Each daily unlock will randomly offer a different item

The CPR team has stated that there are currently eighty items that can be obtained, though more could be added in the future.


Scientific Announcement!


Gadzooks indeed! It works by using multiple energy sources across the island, it’s the same source of energy I used for a few of my gadgets from past Halloween parties! Simple stuff!

I call my time machine the Time Trekker 3000! Mostly because I made it from an old Snow Trekker, that I had originally turned into an Ice Cream Trekker. It’s a long story.

In any case, I have been experimenting with time travel and I am very pleased with the results. I’ll have more news shortly on this, it’s time to go back to the past and gather more news on any stories we might have missed.

Goodbye, scientists!


What do YOU think about these new items and upcoming events? And what about this new party? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


Second In Command & OO Skald

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  1. Lovely post Chey! 😮

  2. Lovely post Chey! 😮

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