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Weekly Water Recap [30-05-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hola Vikings! Guess I’m officially taking over Booper’s job, huh? Good think I love writing so much aha xo foo. Anywayyy, this week has been extremely exciting! Let’s dive in!

We started this week with a spicy AUSIA event! Our Back in Time party was a huge success with 27 dinos pengers on!


Later that day we also had a Battle vs RPF! 15 pingus logged on before CPR shut us down (rip Crystal) :wary: Imagine being so amazing CPR deletes a whole server to stop you lol!


On Monday, we logged on for the Opening Ceremony of the Water Vikings Olympics! Our first event was the Hydro Hopper Tournament, for which we had 26 hoppers! Congratulations to Paragon 9 for winning this round!

Max zero pic thanks to ComCom


Our next event was an Icelympics Tournament! 23 pengerinos grabber their fishing gear and cast out their rods! Congrats to Sol, Comedy, and Paragon9 for winning!


Do the D-A-N-C-E! That’s what 25 Vikings did on Friday for our AUSIA Dancelympics! The Vikings took over the dance floor, but none more than Oreo, who won this round!


On Saturday, the Findy Vikings logged on for a Find Four Tournament! 23 Vikings competed for the top spot, but only one could win! Congratulations to Wolfgirl for being crowned the Queen of Find Four! (look out Ryan :p)


We then had a Battle vs SWAT! With 23 pingerlings, we waddled on to victory! And there’s no way to edit that fact 🙂


On Sunday, the Vikings logged on for the next event of the Water Vikings Olympics, the Cart Surfer Tournament! 25 surfed through the Mine, but only one made it through. Congratulations to MommyCotton for setting a score so high, even Gamemaster Comsk couldn’t touch it!


For the last event of the Olympics, 25 Vikings logged on to cook up some sweet sweet pizzas for the Pizzatron Tournament! Paragon9 took home the gold yet again in this event! We also saw the return of the First One, Moses106, as 2ic!

Drumroll please!

The results for this week’s Top Ten as posted on the CPAHQ website are:

We climbed up 2 spots, and improved by about 7 points! Let’s keep it up, Spicy Vikings!

Until next week, folks!


Viking Commander & OO CEO

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