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Weekly Water Recap [23-05-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hello there Vikings! Booper has broken his promise yet again (Super if you’re reading this, SHAME) so here I am, presenting you with my blood, sweat, and tears the WET 7 DAY RECAP! My oh my what a week it’s been…

We started the week with a groovy AUSIA event. The Vikings laced up their rollerskates and rolled over to CPR for a Roller Disco Party! We had 25 rad pengerinos on!

On Monday, the sneaky stealthy Vikings dressed up in their finest spy gear for a Spy Takeover! 17 pengers came to get sneaky with us as we uncovered the secrets of the island!

Now with all these secrets uncovered, we just HAD to explore them, right? So of course the Vikings held an Explorer Takeover! A whooping 26 expenguins (that’s explorer penguins to you uncultured swines) came out! Congratulations to Explorer Chey for taking first place in the Scavenger Hunt!

On 19th My, the Vikings slipped on our jerseys and logged on for a Football Tournament! 24 pengy bois came to Make Ball Fly! After showing off our moves on CPR, we moved to Haxball and showed everyone why Blue Team Best Team!

Everyone knows how much we love our allies, especially the Shiny Grey ones. And everyone knows how much the Shiny Greys love to find their fours. So we combined the two and have a Find Four Tournament with them! We had 15 findy Vikings on, and everyone single one of us was cursing the machine at the forts.

The age old battle of Fire vs Water. We had a steamy Battle vs Fire Warriors on Saturday! 23 wet Vikings were on, making it a truly OWA OWA worthy moment!

Later that day we had an out-of-this-world event with our Asteroid Takeover! We had 18 space rocks orbiting the Island!

Congratulations to kramnik for showing us why she’s a chess God. This week’s tournament also saw Leo making a return to claim second place. And to b2xh8, congratulations on coming third!

Tooty trumpet noises

The results for this week’s Top Ten as posted on the CPAHQ website are:

The Water Vikings slipped down 3 places, and scored about 4 points less than last week :pain: But no worries, we’ll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get ready for the Water Vikings Olympics Week!

Until next week, folks!


Viking Commander & OO CEO

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