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Pacifism in CPA – a rant

SLIPPERS, Former Viking Leaders Home – Hello Everyone! This post will be a bit different from the usual ones you’ll find in this lovely Ocean Oracle. This will basically just be a short version of me ranting and raving and complaining.

Disclaimer: This post expresses the personal opinion of the writer. These views do not represent the standing of WV as a whole on the matters they address. 

Let’s start with the obvious; how boring CPA has gotten at its current state. Surely we are not the only ones to notice this seemingly everlasting pattern in the top half of the top ten. When was the last time an actual war happened, an actual conflict, what we as ‘armies’ should be all about? If you look at it that way, Templars are a better army than the entire top 5. We of WV have been involved in just about every single interesting change of landscape, in months. And yes, I realize some armies have had a lot of wars this generation, but where have they gone? It seems everyone is just content with staying in their own bubble, not interacting with other armies at all, (although I won’t be naming those) when again, we are literally called armies.

WV vs TCP (March 6th, 2021), maxing 51.

On top of that is the mentality about the organization of armies as a whole. When armies, threatened with war and conflict, can just say “no we don’t want that”, why are we here? It’s time we actually make this community interesting again, instead of this dying husk of what armies once were, that we are now in. People seem to be so intent of tiptoeing around each other, because being declared war on is just that bad, scared of “toxicity”.

The issues mainly started when CPAH was abolished, and it’s become painfully clear that the seemingly only way to motivate armies to actually declare war is a server map. Which is a really good indicator for the state we’re in at the moment. Why is it necessary to make a 12 page expose post to be able to declare war? If you want war, you want war. That’s fine, but don’t try to make yourselves some kind of shining knights ‘protecting the community’ by declaring war. It’s just not all that deep.

Server map from August 2020

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, somehow we are now turning into a community soon to have three top tens. And they’re not always alike either. Not entirely sure why people feel the need to do this, but it’s probably every single major army at once wanting to have sway / full on organization of the media. Another funny thing I’ve noticed: the people who say “don’t take CPA too serious”, definitely, 100%, take it more seriously than their actual lives. Just look around and you’ll notice a few of these.

Now what you’re probably thinking right now is: yes, I already knew most of this. Still, I thought it would be good to actually highlight it and speak out on the issues.


Water Vikings Advisor

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