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[EU] Practice Battle Against Ice Warriors

Goooood day to each and every Viking – or a friend of the Viking’s – who may be reading this post right now!

On this fine day, 12th of May, we  logged onto Abominable on CPR to have a neat practice battle with the Ice Warriors.  The benevolent battle was to celebrate our Blue History. Starting from the Forts we headed into the Iceberg only to return back to the Forts due to our opponents needing a little more time. After 5 minutes of Alex’s warmups we rushed back to the Iceberg which we then entered the Forts once again and finally the Stadium. Big thanks to Jorge for leading the first room and vc transcribing all of the rooms and to our beloved leaders Misty and Oreo for leading the second and third room.  Thank you for all you lovely Vikings who made it to today’s event!

Max: 25

PSST!!! I heard our cutest, the most hilarious and ever so beloved leader Mostiym oysityk aka MISTYMOONLAKE is celebrating her birthday today!!! Let’s all remember to congratulate her and hope that she, being the BEST CHEF she is, bakes herself a gorgeous cake.<3


(I love you the most tho hehehe)


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