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April Catalog Secrets!

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Water Vikings! Some of you may know about the Viking helmet being a hidden item, but today I am going through the catalog, revealing EVERY HIDDEN ITEM! Read on for tons of secrets in the April 2021 catalog, some are even FREE!

There are 4 different hidden items on this page!

  • The pouch on the orange hood gives you a happy octopus plushie!
  • The middle penguin’s pink bow gives you the Summer Jam hairstyle
  • The middle penguin’s mouth (doing an E5 face!) shows you a stylish blue boa you can pair with our uniform!
  • The lowest button on the penguin’s jean jacket gives you a pink colored heart hoodie

On to the next page, which has a total of 7 different hidden items!

  • On the left most tree top, there is a plain red shirt
  • On the other tree top is a plain blue shirt
  • The left penguin’s mouth reveals a grumpy octopus plushie!
  • The middle penguin’s left sleeve button gives you the pastel suede jacket
  • The middle penguin’s bottom jacket button reveals pink ballet shoes
  • The middle penguin’s right sleeve button is for a cute hairstyle called the Flouncy!
  • Finally, the mountain top gives you a plain white shirt

Away we go to the next adventure-esque page filled with 5 secrets!

  • The lens of the binoculars reveal a plain orange shirt
  • Clicking on the Junior Explorers hat gives you the orange Tropical Hawaiian shirt
  • The right hip pouch on the outback traveler outfit shows a plain pink shirt
  • The Orange ascot on the Junior Explorer Outfit gives you a cool blue hoodie!

The next Croc-alicious page doesn’t have any cheats, so we move on to cops and robbers with 7 secrets!

  • The lamppost has a hidden pearl necklace
  • The police officer’s cap has the blue froggy hat!
  • The officer’s shoulder patch gives you brown fuzzy boots
  • The silver badge on the chest has a braided hairstyle called the Sass!
  • The neck broach on the middle penguin reveals a red suede jacket
  • The left hand of the robber hides a red whistle
  • The right hand of the robber gives yellow sandals

On to the next page, news reporter themed with 7 secrets!


  • The building in the background on the left gives you a FREE outfit!
  • The mouth of the penguin with the camera reveals a brown casual suit jacket
  • The same penguin’s belt buckle has a cute yellow froggy hat!
  • The penguin that looks like he’s asking for more Spiderman pictures has a blue striped raincoat hidden on his flipper
  • The middle penguin’s necktie hides a red flannel shirt
  • The building above the middle penguin has green rubber boots to match the raincoat
  • The notepad on the right penguin gives a summery lacy shorts outfit!

Another 7-secret page is up next!

  • The left penguin’s eye reveals a sleek silver watch
  • The left penguin’s suspender strap shows a hairstyle called the Sunstriker!
  • The building in the background hides another froggy hat, a red one!
  • The middle penguin’s bottom button has brown flip flops hidden
  • The right penguin’s hand is another hat, a purple froggy hat!
  • The right penguin’s belt buckle gives you dark brown fuzzy boots
  • The top cloud gives you the red Viking helmet, and if you click on it 3 times gives you the Water Vikings Blue helmet!

The last new page of the April catalog has the final froggy hat!

  • The single secret on this page is the eyeball, revealing a honey bee cardigan


That’s all for the new April pages! What do YOU think about this hidden items? If you read this and found it helpful DM me to let me know!


Second In Command & OO Skald

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