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[EU] Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors

Hey Vikings!

Today, Saturday 17th April, we logged onto Crystal on CPR we logged on for a relatively short but eventful Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors!! With the help of Misty and Abi typing up the tactics and the mighty Cotton leading the VC we fought in only 2 rooms, the Iceberg, and the Stadium!

We battled them with our emotes as they fought with their big word bubbles, with such knee slapper word bubbles like “DABABY DABABY DABABY” we fought back with our “BIGFLOPPA BIGFLOPPA BIG FLOPPA” and had them trembling, and as Misty wanted to me to mention… they ran away when we tooted cos of bad burrito lol 🙂

MAX: 22

Make sure you try and attend our next event, The AUSIA Training Event tomorrow!!

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