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Weekly Water Recap [04-04-21]

Weekly Water Recap

Hey Vikerinos! Happy Easter! It’s ya girl Misty taking over for Superhero1234 for this week’s recap since he seems to busy having a life (sounds fake, I know). The Water Vikings have had a very successful week!

We kicked off this week with a Civil War between Pacific and Atlantic, our two divisions! Both sides put up an impressive fight,  but ultimately, Pacific won! We maxed 33 pengerinos!


On Wednesday, we had a threeway battle with our lovely allies, Ay See Pee and Shiny Gray Empire! All three armies did an exceptional job with their formations and tactics. The Vikalicious Vikings maxed 25 penguins! However. CPAHQ declared ACP the winner of this battle. Congratulations to Bae-CP!


Our next event was on Thursday with a practice battle verses Help Force, where we maxed another 25 waddlers. With decent formations and satisfactory tactics, we battled until CPR’s servers came crashing down, thus resulting in a no contest.

We also declared war on our allies – Cute Empire – on this day, but decided to let them go easy since we love them so very much :p


We waddled on to a second Civil War battle held on Friday, where we once again battled in one room before CPR crashed. Both sides did an exceptional job with their formations and tactics. We had a total of 32 penguins on! Who won, you ask? Why, the Pacifics of course!


On Saturday, the AUSIA division showed everyone who’s boss by maxing a stunning 27 pengerlins! We also hosted a Cart Surfing Tournament, where Corntton, Woezek, and Sad Cannon took the first, second, and third places respectively. Congratulations guys! We had also scheduled a UK event on the same day, but due to the success of the AUSIA event, it was replaced with a fun skribbl match! (btw Sketchful > Skribbl)

The Water Vikings also saw 3 well-deserving promotions given to Oreo, Sofia, and Df44 for their hard work and commitment to this army! Congratulations!


Aside from Club Penguin events, we hosted our 11th Wee Vee Chess Tournament. Congratulations to b2xh8 on placing first, Alien on placing second, and Df44 placing third!

And now it’s time for…


For this week, the results that were posted on CPAHQ website are as follows:

Congratulations to the Wooter Veekins for placing 5th! :swolemode:

And to top it all off, our Top Ten Troops of the Week! 


The Water Vikings server also got enough boosts to hit level 3 WOOO! Time for spicy emotes #MakeWvEvilguinAThing

Welp, that’s all for this week! See y’all next week and don’t forget to attend events!

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