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Water Vikings Weekly Recap [28-03-21]

Water Vikings Weekly Recap

Hey there, Vikings! Here we are with yet another Weekly Water recap, and it’s been a success, to say the least! We had a multitude of battles and events, all of which went very well. So, let’s get on with it!

[Max: 31]

We kicked the week off with a UK Training event, which was intended to be preparation for a Battle with the Ice Warriors, which we’ll talk about later! The event went fairly smoothly, it was solid training for the battle. We managed to peak at 31 penguins, with decent tactics and solid formations throughout.

[Max: 32]

Following the successful Training Event, we ventured onto Crystal for our Battle with the Ice Warriors. This was a fantastic battle, which we had much success in. We managed to grab two drawn rooms against the biggest army in CPA, currently. We maxed a decent 32 and showcased our coordinated tactics.

[Max: 34]

Only one day after our Battle with IW, we logged on for a Battle with our rivals, SWAT, who we were previously at war with. This battle went very, very well. We had stellar word tactics and consistently good formations. We managed to Max 34 and maintained large numbers throughout the entirety of the battle.

[Max: 30]

For our third and final consecutive Battle of the week, we went head to head with our allies, the Silver Empire. This was a fairly successful battle, in which we maxed 30 penguins. We showed fast tactics and consistent formations while maintaining decent sizes throughout. Three battles in a row, not bad huh? 😮

[Max: 21]

For the penultimate event of the week, we logged on for an Ausia! This was an extremely successful event, especially taking into consideration that a large majority of Vikings are from the UK/US. We maxed a fantastic 21 and had stellar tactics and formations throughout the event. Well done!

[Max: 30]

Last, but certainly not least, we ended the week off with a successful Staff U-Lead event. The staff showcased their skill and potential, they were all fantastic. We peaked at 30 penguins, tactics were especially good and formations were as always, on point. Well done to the Staff for leading!

Outside of the Island, our fantastic Advisor Superhero, in which dozens of Vikings participated! Well done to all those that came, it was super fun!

We also managed to maintain our fifth position in the Top Ten, well done everyone, fantastic job! Let’s aim to break the Top 4 this week!

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