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[EU] Civil War [30-03-2021]

Hey Vikings!!

Today, Tuesday, March 30th, 2021, we logged on to Ascent, CPR for the first battle of the Civil War between our two brand new divisions, Atlantic and Pacific. It was an incredible battle full of bombs and amazing tactics held throughout the Stadium, Iceberg and Mine. In this battle Atlantic managed to have 13 pinguinos online and Pacific managed to have 19 penguins. In the end, the battle, judged by our completely unbiased and amazing advisor Jack283, was ruled a Atlantic Pacific Victory, with a score of 2-1-0 (aka 2 rooms won by pacific and 1 tie).

Max:33 (13 atlantic + 19 pacific + 1 Jack283)

Even though my division didn’t win 🙁 it was fun to battle and I hope all of you had fun as well! 🙂 Everyone did amazing! Thank you Chey (Atlantic) and Misty (Pacific) for leading the divisions and thank you all for attending! Stay tuned for our next events!! FEAR THE WAVE 😀

~df44, Viking Guard

PS:  Also thank you Dino, Bluey, Abi, Haxway for the event pictures and Comalicious for the size picture <333

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