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7-14 February WV recap

Water Vikings’ Weekly Recap

Christmas Tree Takeover
To start our week off we logged on for a Christmas Tree takeover (no one mention duck takeover),where we maxed 15. This event had the lowest max of the week, but only proved to be a start of this eventful week.

Training Event

For our second event, we had just a simple training event. Spanning two rooms, we maxed 21, and averaged about the same, bringing our bounceback from the 15 max to a start.

Pizza Takeover

For our Third event, we all dressed up as pizza chefs, NOT as giant pizzas. I repeat, we did not all wear giant pizza costumes. Anyway, we maxed 30, immediately we were back in activity, maxing double what we had at the start of the week (wv wv wv).

Battle with Silver Empire

For our Fourth event, we had a (practice) battle with our allies, the Silver Empire. This was a close battle, with us maxing 35, and Silver Empire around 26. Although we had a bit of a rough start, with problems with the filter and such, slowly we got in the groove, and had a great battle.

AUSIA training

Our Fifth and last event was an Ausia training / blue miner takeover where we maxed 25. Lower than our last two events, but considering it was at Ausia times, a good turnout, which made this a great event (besides the mind deafening music they have on the iceberg now).


Right after our Practice battle, the long awaited mass staff promotions were out. The two most exciting were our new Second in Command’s: Chey and Abi, bringing a great addition to our HCOM team. Further congratulations should also be made out to dia and sofia, (should have happened long ago) for making it to our new rank: HCOM in training/ 4ic. (also shoutout to all the new trainee staff and our new staff)

Troop top ten

After our non edited version came out a few days ago, Our first top ten for our troops+ staff resulted in a top 3 consisting of df, kiloz and rawr, and many others in the top ten. These either had the highest activity, did the most staff work, or attended the most events (or for some, all three!). Congratulations to df for being troop of the week, and congratulations to everyone who made it into the top 10(15)!

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