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Weekly Recap (11/8-11/14)

What’s up Water Vikings!

Here is a recap from our events for the week of November 8th to the 14th. We had 5 events, with an average max of 42.26. Most of our events this week were in the war against BIA, but this war quickly ended on 12th as two armies within the BIA were caught multi-logging. We had a fabulous week with a high of 57, and a low of 31, so let’s continue our amazing work and keep getting some awesome numbers! Make sure to take a look at #event-info for our upcoming events!

Avg. Max: 42.26

Highest Max: 57

Lowest Max: 31


AUSIA Defense against Ice Warriors

Max: 31

EU Defense Against Rebel Penguin Federation

Max: 42


EU Defense against Dark Warriors

Max: 57


No events


EU Invasion of Dark Warriors

Max: 41


No events


No events


Weekly Vikings Training

Max: 31

Fear The Wave.

-Sarahah, 2ic

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