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Happy Retirement Pjayo

Dear Pjayo,

You have been in this community for so long, being involved in some of the most successful moments. Considerably, you were involved in one of the greatest generations of the Water Vikings, assisting in leading the army throughout many highs since the start of this generation, including tournaments, wars, many Top Tens, and even involved when the army broke its size record. You have done a great job leading this army to great heights and you will forever be remembered as a key individual within this generation of the Water Vikings. That being said, here are some messages from the army, as well as Veterans, Allies, and Visitors. 

From the High Council of Vikings:

Pj, you and I never really got close when we were in WV together in 2014 but I’m so glad that we got the chance to get much closer this time around. You’re a fearless (and frightening) leader, and we’re all going to miss you! Good luck in whatever you chose to do next! <3 -Buddy

Pj, the first memory of you that comes to mind is unfortunately of a video (I think you know :trollrotting:) that would be linked in the WV xat WAY back when I was still working on getting that mod rank. Whenever we get to reminiscing about the old times, that never fails to bring a smile to my face. On a more serious note, it has been an absolute honor to be able to work alongside such a fantastic leader and without a doubt a legend of this army and community. Who would’ve thought that a few old timers like us could adapt and help build what has ultimately been the best generation in Water Vikings history? All in all, I wish you the best in whatever you plan to do and I hope you’re still around in chat to provide advice and support. Thanks for everything -Adden

Hey PJ! It’s a shame to hear you are retiring, but I’m glad that I can have someone join me in POG retirement wink Its weird to think you were a mod in ACP when I was leading, but you are now very much a person I rely on for advice and guidance, and someone I trust greatly. You have proven your influence and significance in this community and I wish you luck with whatever you do in the future! -Kingfunks4

you better not leave me alone with these cavemen -Change

From the Leaders:

Hey Pj, even though I’ve known you for a short time you’ve been one of my mentors in this army. Your ability to get work done and make decisions in a short time is something which I admire a lot and I hope that you’d guide me throughout the time I lead. Good luck irl, hope you do well -Guncotton

I love you pj -Cliff/Wizard

From the Higher-Command:

Pj, you’re one of the most hardworking, dedicated leaders I’ve encountered in CPA. Its been an absolute pleasure being in this army with you and I’d like to thank you for all of the work you’ve put into making WV become what it is today. You’re an absolute legend and we’re all forever grateful what what you’ve done. Good luck with everything man. -Potassium

When I came into WV, I really looked up to you and change. You’ve been an amazing leader and I hope you still stop by sometimes ❤️ best of luck with school and life! -Vivala

oh gosh pj, it is weird to say that i have known you since JUNE, when we were both in cpam. all i knew about you was that you were this random reporter who didn’t take reports and there was always at least 5 drafts from you. LOL. little did i know that you were an amazing leader, who didnt take shit from anyone. ever since i joined, i definitely looked up to you as a leader and ill forever take in consideration your mindset before involving myself in situations. nonetheless, you were an amazing leader and thank you for always being around, youve done more than amazing. (i still give it 2 weeks 😉) good luck in school and irl. much love, sarahah 💙

Thank you for being a great leader for WV when I joined after LGA’s closure. It was a pleasure to be in WV with you, and I hope you pass all your college classes. salute -Snapple

You will always be one of the best leaders this army ever had Don’t change in any way Best of luck with your new way of life. -Xeno

I have enjoyed being in Water Vikings with you and thank you for being a great leader. Goodbye and good luck for your future. -Bluey

PJ man, we go way back to 2013, it’s been quite the 7 years. Glad we got to reunite for a bit and I hope for the best for you, man, thanks for being such a great friend and a great leader throughout the years. -Moses

its hard :ooohaaahaahhaah: -Hydro

I cried when I first read your heartfelt announcement heart We didn’t really talk but I got to know a lil bit about you and Cparmies. I’m glad to hear that you made it. You are amazing and I hope where ever life takes you, you’ll come back and visit hopefully years down the road once again. We will not let it Die!!! Fear the Wave 🌊 🌊🌊 -Chey

pjayo is cool -Minty

From the Advisors:

Pjayo, you are one of those people I barely knew in original army era that ended up becoming real bros in cpps armies. Always admired your hard work, determination, and ability to be strict whenever needed, something many modern leaders lack. Thank you for reviving ST, for GG and for criticizing whenever needed for the better, something many people seem to be afraid of doing. -Superhero123

PJ even though I never really involved in any armies with you in OG, I saw from afar that you were a talented leader. You came back and showed it with ST, GG and eventually WV this generation. You’re diplomatic skills are not questionable and will be missed. -Tylund

Pj, I’m sure our wires crossed a few times back in the day but its towards the end of this year that I really got to know you. You’re an example for every troop in this army, as well as every moderator and every hcom member. Best of luck with your studies and I’ll see you around -wackyJacky

It really was a great honour to work with you in ST, GG and WV. You taught me what it means to be a true Water Viking and how to successfully be a leader of a major army, I must express my sincere thanks once again as all that you’ve done to help me truly does mean so much to me. These past few months have been an absolute privilege and some of my best in CPA, thank you for everything PJ. -Fedd

You’ve done a remarkable job since WV returned for this generation. I think we were all a bit wary of bringing WV back, but you really helped to cement this generation as a success. What you did was restore WV’s legendary status in the CPA community, and for that you will forever be a WV legend. Welcome to the retirement club! Now you can troll Change like the rest of us xx -Jack283

have an awesome retirement man, you’ll be missed!! and thanks for carrying WV, you da realest PJ happypup -Karma

Have a good retirement PJ. It was good to catch you before you left -manu

From the Moderators:

Hey Pjayo! I may not have known you as a leader for long, but for the time I have been in WV, You were an excellent leader. You’re funny, smart and your time of leadership was just amazing. I’ll hope to see you again hopefully! :wvheart: P.S: Boris the cat is going to become leader anyway so when you come back expect us being ruled by him :smirk: :boristhecat: -Salmonator

all I can say is that given that he is retiring for legitimate reasons, which life is quite possibly the reason, with all of my great pleasure, loyalty and gratitude to WV without any doubt at all I and countless other troops in our army will clearly miss battling alongside pjayo who is part of such a prestigious army that makes it to the top 10 rankings across CPA (club penguin armies). whatever he has to deal with next, wish him well I must. he has been a great long serving troop and has done a fantastic job, he will be forever a viking legend whom will be gone but never, ever, forgotten in our water viking filled spirits. -Jdawgz

Thank you PJ for being an awesome WV leader, and getting the army through the good and bad times in the community. You’ve been awesome, I hope you come and hang around with us if you can and I wish you luck on whatever you do in college and your free time in your retirement. Fear the Wave! -Soup

hi! I don’t think Pj has any idea who i am nor have i ever had any conversations with him, but i remember when i joined wv in the middle of the SWAT war and almost everytime we logged on, Pj would open a can of soda (or something else :smirk: ) and say something like “alllllright lets go water vikings” and for some reason i found it very amusing and it made me feel important and ready for the battle. I even remember trying to open a can of beer myself at the same time he did in one of the first events i attended. :awe: idk if that is a necessary thing to tell him, you can decide on that haha :slight_smile: I wish him only the best in college. :wvheart: -Sofia

Yo, Pjayo, it’s Izuku. I know I may have missed events from time to time, but you have been a great leader alongside Change. It saddens me to know you’ll be retiring, but don’t forget that I’m here for you if you need a helping hand. I dunno if you’ll still be in Discord, but if you are, I’ll see you in the WV server. You are loved and cared about by everyone, including me. Much love and support, and best wishes. -Izuku

Pjayo, I haven’t known you for very long… But I’ll always remember you as the guy who ate a whole ass kiwi -Konnie

Hey PJ, we didn’t know each other that well, but since I joined in August you’ve been one of the most rad leaders of WV, when you lead battles, you did it with passion, and I could tell you were having fun! I hope you do really well after you retire, best of luck to you! -Woezel

I haven’t really talked to them directly, but they’ve always been a really cool leader and made every event really fun!! i joined a month or two ago and the leaders being so welcoming and fun made the community a great family to be a part of :slight_smile: -Doctor Apples

Pjayo, I didn’t really know you that well, but you were an incredible leader. From what I could tell, you seem to be an amazing and thoughtful person. I wish you the best of luck with whatever comes next and I want you to know that you will be missed. -Oreo

With your departure from Water Viking is wish you well in terms of mental, physical, and all other forms. Good luck to you and your family in terms of covid-19 goodbye you will be missed! -Spy

Hey Pjayo! You were an awesome leader! We’ll miss you! -Firestar

I wasn’t in the army for long so I don’t know him very much, but I know he’s very good as a person and as a leader and the army will miss him.  -Phrogg

Hey PJ! You probably don’t know me, I’m new to WV, actually I’m relatively new to all of this armies stuff and I wish I had knew it earlier to be honest, it’s a great community. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to really talk to you and know you, but by the time I’m here I already know how great you are and how important you are for WV and for CPA. You’re such a great leader, a real legend and I’m glad we shared a space in the same army, even if it was for a short time, hopefully (and I reallly mean that) you’ll come back some day. I’m grateful for all you’ve done for the army and for all the times you helped me, from the bottom of my heart. I really wish you the best, you’ll be missed! Thank you and FEAR THE WAVE. -Maria Clara

Thanks for all you’ve done for us! I wish you luck on your future endeavors! -Chicc

Dear Pjayo, I haven’t talk to you too much, but I know you were a good leader and a hard worker. Wish you the best in everything you do!! xo -Lilox

From the Troops:

Thank you for making WV the army it is now. We’ll really miss you and I hope you lurk so that I get to know you better :blue_heart: -Misty

Pj I don’t really know you but thank you for helping out and leading water vikings! I hope wherever you go next in life is filled with adventure and good times! -Sn0wflake

I’ll miss you! -Hyperwolf

i would like to say goodbye to PJ and good luck towards him in the future. -pogchampo

pj more like pb and j xd -Sebaschan

From the Vets:

Damn man. This honestly sucks to hear. Best of luck in your future endeavors, Pjay. I don’t think I would have gotten this far either without you. Your brilliant war planning and guidance during all of the Rosea drama helped me mature over the months. Keep up the good work, whether it be in CPA or irl. -Dino

hey man so I just wanted to say that you have been an amazing leader and been really helpful in the army no doubt and you are pretty cool dude and good luck in college man! -Pydro

Good luck with life man, we didn’t really quite get to say bye to each other but it izz what it izz til it ain’t. -Leo

Hello Pjayo! This is your favourite CPAH employee wishing you a very happy retirement! Best of luck for the future and don’t be a stranger! Maybe now you have time to finish that CPAH post? Or maybe not…. haha! Lots of love, Max xx

Hey Joe, man there are so many good things I could say about you bro but I would be here all day. Firstly I would like to thank you for being a great friend and someone who has always had my back. Also congrats on being one of the best if not the best WV leader of all time. You are such an icon in this community and we will all miss you. Good luck out there bro. -Carmelo

Don’t really talk to you much, but you cool b. I remember the cpo talks we had lmfao. All the best for the future and stay based -Cubby

Hey Pjayo, thanks for all the memories that brought, we’ve been friends since 2016 and its been a fun ride with ya. I hope you have a wonderful retirement and hit me up if you wanna keep talking about wrestling -Skyfull

Hey Pjayo ACP will hire you for 5ic -2Funky3

From the Visitors/Allies:

Dear young Choppa, thank you for trading Change to Ice Warriors. Best deal ever :youngchoppatux: :SCfloppaEARflop: Yours sincerely, Ice young Floppa



I would love to be able to tell him that he was an amazing leader and that it was amazing to get to know him and work with him -Fish

I don’t really know you Pjay but you sound like a great guy and a great leader, good luck with everything and wishing you all the best :heart::pray:-Robot

Funny Pictures/Memories:

(pj is actually retiring to enlist in SWAT 😟 ) 

Thank you for everything you have done for the community. You assisted in creating a special place for us to make friends and be involved with an amazing community.


the Water Vikings, and the community. 



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