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I Broke the Walls Down, What More Is There for Me to Do? [Retiring]

Howdy WV. This post is a long one but I suggest reading it all.

This definitely wasn’t something I was planning on doing this early. For those who were there during the Fight or Fright Grand Finals would know that I planned on leaving after Christmas Chaos. However, some things weren’t meant to be I guess. As much as I love Armies and everyone in it, sometimes other things get in the way. One of those things is college. Ultimately I have no other choice but to announce that effective on Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST, I will retire from the Water Vikings. Obviously this isn’t ideal. I wanted to be there for when the Water Vikings powered through Christmas Chaos. For going back on my word like this I really am sorry. At the same time however, I really am proud of what I’ve accomplished. I simply ask that you all amuse me for a moment while I go on a ride down memory lane. 

In 2008, my Club Penguin account was created. I can’t remember the exact reason I settled on Pjayo of all things, and I’m fairly certain it’s the result of my then 6 year old brain frying and smacking the keyboard. Eventually in 2010, I stumbled upon armies, where I would follow around the Army of Club Penguin like a lost puppy. By 2013 I was fully enlisted in ACP. I felt a sense of community. That sense of community would feel stronger within DCP however, and I would move over to become moderator in the Doritos, right as the New Dawn Alliance began their reign of terror. Eventually, under less than ideal circumstances I was forced out of DCP. After this I would begin a stint in Dark Warriors, positioned as next in line to lead the legendary army. However, this wasn’t meant to be either as I was eventually removed from my position in a power struggle that would end in favor of Elmikey and his agents. If you can tell, the theme here is that I never really got a chance to show what I could do, pushed down in favor of others. This would continue until I land in the Water Vikings. Pushed forward by the likes of CP Army Legend Bepboy, Buddy, and BrassAssDash, I would finally make some name for myself. I would go on to retire in late 2014, lurking until 2017, where I got to be part of one final bang, where all armies came together for one last celebration that we as a community had built. As far as I was concerned, this was the end of armies, and I would simply be a face among the crowd, a crowd that I would remember fondly.

This however, would not be the case. As it turned out, behind my back, armies had been crawling back from the dead. A whole new wave of people had made their own armies, created their own legacies. Combined with COVID-19, our fates had become intertwined as a Help Force mod would try and recruit me. However, what would actually happen is me DMing poor Moon and Tistle like a homeless veteran giving a big Wall Street banker advice. While I’m sure they didn’t take any of my advice, I do appreciate that they listened. Suddenly, my drive to lead was reignited after 6 years. With this, I put on my big boy pants and strut into ACP, revealed my plans to my former subordinate 2funky3, and with all the moxie in the world – I was promptly shut down as I was offered 5ic. Clearly this wasn’t the way forward. So I tried again asking Dan101 if he was interested in making an army. It just so happened that he was in talks with one Thomas83514. I personally had never heard of Thomas before this, but as it turned out, he was one of the greatest leaders in between 2017 and 2020. With due time he would bring along the likes of Fedd and Bluey as we christened a new generation of the Shadow Troops, one of the most powerful (and underrated) armies in CPA history. While this was happening, I was familiarizing myself with the changed landscape of CPA, and with the staff at CPAM. While there I would slowly work my way into the system, becoming a judge and getting the chance to judge CPAM’s first tournament – the Premiere League. It was an experience that helped me recognize that I was far from correct in my thinking that armies had died with Club Penguin – in fact, it was quite the opposite – as armies arguably entered a third golden age. What would come next could be described as glorious. An army in my own image. Born out of a failed attempt of reviving the Water Vikings, following Bepboy’s inability to gain access to the site, Adden, Tymatt, Buddy, and myself would go on to create the Golden Guardians. Originally, the plan was to simply retire once the army was set up. However, as seen before, plans often change. This change would come in the form of KingFunks4, CPA Legend and Water Viking Hall of Famer, who had surfaced a week before GG’s creation. We originally scouted him out as a potential leader for GG, but he was far more interested in the idea of a Water Vikings revival. With this, he left us with an ultimatum: bring the Water Vikings back, and I’ll lead with you. An offer I personally couldn’t refuse, so plans rapidly changed from setting GG up for success to one final run of the legendary Water Vikings, just as we had originally planned. This would turn out to be the best decision I ever made. I finally broke out as a real force, and made a name for myself. through war with Templars I asserted myself as a real diplomat, something that was lacking when I was around in 2014. I really did put my all into WV. When I first retired in July, I went quietly. I had done what I needed to. But, like before, I was dragged right back into the fold. My final run began behind the scenes, helping with foreign relations, something WV had suffered in consistently. Smaller than both the Doritos and Ice Warriors at the time, we were forced to play second fiddle. This came to a head when war was declared on SWAT. with our allies hesitation to get involved should the Ice Warriors or Dark Warriors join the war, I was tasked with keeping two parts of the mighty Black Ice Alliance at bay. Thankfully, I was able to fulfill my duty, as thanks to the combined efforts of the Water Vikings, we crushed SWAT in a deafening 18-1-6 warscore. While this was all happening, I was in constant talks with members of the SWAT leadership attempting to broker some kind of peace. This however failed. With this in mind, I would go on to talk to the great Iceyfeet, who obliged and pulled all BIA support from SWAT, allowing us to have our victory. The following weeks were great. Largest event in WV history at 71, fantastic performance at the Fight or Fright, and generally enjoying my time in WV. However, everything must come to an end.

While that last segment was long, there was a reason for it. I tell you all this so that you know that I retire without any real regrets. I’ve achieved it all. I was on top of the pack for a long time, something that I enjoyed. I made new friendships while I rekindled older ones. I reformed leagues, I got to be a commentator, something that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy like I did, and most importantly, I got to say my goodbyes to everyone and I finally made my mark, something 12 year old Pjayo would have loved to see. 

Before I get to the obligatory thank you’s that come at the end of every other retirement post, I feel it’s important to get my final thoughts collected on armies as a whole. What we have here is special. Take your involvement out of this for just a moment and look at this as an outsider. This is a 14 year long tradition of clans battling each other on a rapidly depreciating remake of a platform that died 3 years ago, just because. It’s a bit weird, isn’t it? It makes me wonder how we were all drawn here. For people like me, it always felt like an extension of the game itself. A very intricate strategy game buried deep under the surface of “Waddle around and meet new friends”. It’s become closer to how I’ve seen it as time goes on, with actual top ten formulas, judging staff, and a real league. This really is special. I don’t think this could have happened anywhere else. The simplicity of Club Penguin allowed for this to happen. For that, I am thankful. Because it truly was amazing. The only advice that I can give to those aspiring to lead or struggling in their own armies, is to never give up. If you put enough work in you’ll make it to the top, no matter what. In a broader piece of advice, I have this to say. DO NOT LET THIS DIE. This is special. We all thought it would be gone when Club Penguin closed back in March 2017, to the point where armies like Nachos and even the Water Vikings for a while forbade any recreations of these once mighty forces. However, here we are, back against the wall as the timer for Adobe Flash ticks down, and ACP and RPF just hit 100 like it was nothing. We are far from dead. Don’t be sensationalist and let this thing of ours die. Make sure it survives so you can come back in 3 years like I did and witness its growth. 

While everyone I’ve ever interacted with drove me to where I am now, there are definitely a few people in particular who I need to thank personally.

Tacodaily – The chances of you reading this are nearly zero, but if for whatever reason you do stumble upon this post in a weird CPA binge a year from now, I want to thank you personally for finding me and recruiting me into ACP. You may not have realized it at the time but you are partially responsible for the way I am now. For that I am eternally grateful.

KingFunks4 – I know damn well you’re gonna read this, so I’ll say it now. Seeing you lead in ACP was a huge drive for me to keep going all those years ago. Eventually I was able to become your equal, and I really do appreciate everything you’ve done not only for me, but for this army and this community. You are without a doubt one of the greatest men to ever step into this.

Fluffboy3 – A quick mention for that one time you had the balls to mod me in ACP just so I can announce that I was moving to DCP. Really appreciate it, it made me feel important.

Mustapha10x – Bird Boy, Big Musty, whatever they call you and whatever you’re doing now, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll remember you as the person who convinced me I could go all the way – even if you did screw me at the end. 

Bam117 – Bam, you are one of the most twisted individuals I’ve ever met and I love you for it. Genuinely one of the funniest guys still around, you absolutely deserve legend. I’ll be pushing for your nomination until I die.

Godzilla – Sometimes I wonder what you’re up to now. Honestly I hope you’re ok with whatever you’re doing. I appreciate you standing up on my behalf when I couldn’t.

Freezie66 – Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if you had let me become leader. Admittedly I was young so I doubt anything good but it does hurt a bit being passed up. I also feel like you’re too defensive about DW now. Maybe I’m the weird one though. Either way, I still have a soft spot for you.

Subster – You were an odd one. Always have been. Still were super nice to me and even though we haven’t really talked in nearly 6 years, it still stands out to me. Thanks for being nice to me.

Silverburg – My replacement, my compatriot, and in my eyes my RPF equivalent. Under Elm’s shadow for so long but you broke out. I’m happy to say I’ve finally done the same. I really appreciate you helping to make that last event in 2017 happen. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. I hope we can talk more someday.

Bepboy9 – What can I say that already hasn’t been said. You are without a doubt a legend. The fact that you never got it for CPAC pisses me off to no end. It really was a travesty. Thankfully you finally got the recognition you deserved. I really am happy for you, even though there’s a good chance you don’t even know it happened. I wouldn’t be here without you, and you were one of the greats. Thanks for hiring me all those years ago.

BrassAssDash – Class act, really. A fantastic leader, a fantastic comedian, and a fantastic friend. I really hope you surface one day on Discord. I think you’ll be proud of what we’ve done here.

Zakster – I’m genuinely surprised you let me reopen WV in May. People will say bad things about you, that you weren’t a good CEO, that you weren’t a good leader. But for me? You made this all happen. Water Vikings would not exist without you or Jed. For that I thank you.

Jedpen – Can’t mention one without the other, even though he absolutely doesn’t want his name tied to any of this. But, I have to, so here goes: You can be an asshole but you’re a very funny asshole. You tried to stop WV from happening but I understand why you didn’t want it. I hope it performed to your liking.

Bryce – One balled wonder. I still tell that story to the guys whenever you get bought up. We go beyond armies at this point. I see you as a real friend. Even if we fight you do always have good intentions, so I can’t really fault you. You really are a good guy. If you ever want advice or anything on armies, cause I know deep down you want to keep going, you know I’ll always give it to you.

Change – Where do I even start. I already said this to you in DMs, but it’s important enough that I say it here: You are the backbone of the Water Vikings. I may be the show runner, the booker or whatever, but you make it all happen. The amount of work you put in supersedes just about everything WV has done before this. I like to think we’ll go down as the greatest leadership duo in history, but history always favors the legends. Who knows though, maybe we’ll make it. Either way, I want you to know that even if I’m not here, you’ll do fantastic. Beyond fantastic even. I want to believe you’re gonna be immortalized in history as the man who made the Water Vikings revival happen. For even putting up with my never ending demand of control, and my compulsiveness, I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Buddy – Buddy is the People’s Champ. Really. He can mess up and still look good doing it. An absolute all-star leader who really has done it all. I hope one day you’ll get legend. I really do. One of the most genuine people I’ve met online.

Potassium – Holy Christ you’ve become quite the future leader. I’ve seen you go from bottom of the barrel to potentially next in line. It’s still surreal. I can’t really say more than that, you really got me good with that thing earlier today. Your secret is safe with me.

Adden – I remember you being a fresh face. And here you are, toe to toe with Change and Funks. It’s weird isn’t it? We were both absolutely not on that level, but now here we are. I really don’t think any of THIS would have happened without you. You really proved yourself worthy of that High Council position. Thanks for helping GG happen, and WV too. I wish you luck leading beyond this.

Random HF mod that revived me – I tried my hardest looking for who did it I swear. But whoever you are – WHEREVER you are – I want to thank you for making this happen. I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere without you, even if you didn’t realize it at the time, or even if you still don’t realize it.

2funky3 – In a weird way, you giving me an awful offer for joining ACP propelled this to happen, so thanks. Also you’re just really cool so it was weird to not mention you.

Bret – Bart, you made it. You actually made it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise but you’re GOING to make it further. You are a little dumb sometimes but you’re an absolute god who powers through it.

Dino – I remember when you were in LGA, and I very nearly caused a war between LGA and HF. It was fun honestly. The amount of stuff you did for me is insane. I don’t think I would have gotten as far in CPA without it.

Dan101 – I’m hoping you read this, because despite our fights, you helped make this happen. I reached the end thanks to you. You protected me from a lot of potential trouble, and I really do mean it when I say thanks. 

Thomas83514 – No shot you read this. I know you wont, because you’re gone. But I want you to know that we made it. Both of us. We dragged ourselves to the top of the pack together. ST to GG to WV. It wouldn’t of happened without you. I really do see you as my brother.

Fedd – It really does suck you had to step down, but you made the most of your time. Loyal to the end and a Viking at heart. Thanks for making ST happen.

Bluey – You’re quiet, but you’re one of the best. If I had to make a list of 10 greatest owners in CPA, you’d be in the top 5. I really do appreciate everything you did and everything you continue to do.

Superhero123 – Absolute GOD. You really are great at encouraging me to do good. On the rare occasion we fought, I always saw you as in the right. Thanks for everything. CPATG, WOK, GG, CPA – All of it. You really are a legend.

Tylund1 – The ultimate voice of reason. I appreciate you helping WV when you really didn’t need to. You do more than you think. I’ll make sure your work doesn’t go unnoticed.

SavageCobra – We fight a lot lately, but I want you to know; even if we disagree on how to lead an army and all that, you’re a good guy. I just wish you’ll be remembered as such. You genuinely are one of the greatest minds of the CPA era.

Ayan – Weird how often I would come to you for advice. You won the war for CPR, and you made my happenings possible. It’s short but I can’t really say anything besides thank you.

Zaidimai/Games – Thanks for helping when you could. I’m a little tired so sorry if this one is short, but I have to mention you.

Pookie437 – My favorite HULKAMANIAC. Even outside of what you’ve done for me in armies, you really are a great friend. You’re the man who united CPA for the first time in years, and for that I suspect you’re gonna be remembered fondly. I plan on watching a more Honky shoots soon, just ping the GC whenever you’re down.

Koloway – My favorite HONKAMANIAC. Some of the stories you tell about when you were a referee are fantastic. Genuinely so happy you exposed me to some of the more carny aspects of wrestling. Not to mention the work you’re doing for GFX. I really do think you’re a legend, despite what some might tell you. Thanks for all of this. And of course ping the GC when its time to Shake, Rattle, and Roll.

Cliff – Cliff, you can be impulsive and demanding but even though people shit on you pretty constantly, I want you to know that I think you’re a great leader. If you ever need advice, I’ll still be around to help. Don’t ever count me out.

Vivala – I know there’s gonna be a lot of weight on your shoulders once I’m retired, but know that not only will I still be around if you need the help, but know that I really do see you as a future legend. Just put your mind to it and you’ll do great.

Zamb – the amount of shit you do for WV is insane, especially since you never really needed to. Even if you don’t want to admit it, you’re a Water Viking. You always will be and once I’m really gone, I’ll remember you as such. 

Sarahah – Don’t listen to what others will say about you. I was wrong to try and hold you back from a good position in WV. You’re one of our most loyal owners, and I suspect one day you’ll be one of the greatest leaders. Just stay away from all the toxic bs and you’ll do good.

Minty – This one definitely feels like an odd one out, but I can’t not mention it. You’re one of the most loyal people I’ve ever met. Even when I ended up berating you, you really did hold your ground. I can guarantee you if you put the work in you’ll become one of the greatest of all time. 

Guncotton – You said it yourself, it’s weird being back. But I like it. I really want to see you take WV to new heights, so I’ll be sticking around to watch that happen. Like I said to everyone else, if you need advice you know where to find me. 

Everyone who I didn’t mention – Like I said before, EVERYONE played a part in getting me to the top. I can really thank the community at large for trusting me, for standing with me, for standing up for me, and for standing me in general. I know sometimes I come off as an ass but I really do appreciate this whole thing. Thanks.

Normally, these posts have a sad song at the end. I don’t exactly like that. So I’ll end it how I started this. 

One Final Time…


Pjayo – Water Vikings Leader, Legend; Soldier.

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  1. Damn man. This honestly sucks to hear. Best of luck in your future endeavors, Pjay. I don’t think I would have gotten this far either without you. Your brilliant war planning and guidance during all of the Rosea drama helped me mature over the months. Keep up the good work, whether it be in CPA or irl.

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