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Official Declaration Of War On SWAT


It is today we the Water Vikings hereby declare war on the Special Weapons And Tactics army.

For too long we have allowed these fools to hold onto too much land that is rightfully ours and have allowed them to talk in vain of the water viking name. We have allowed them to enter our own discord and steal our own troops with little punishment, but today that ends for today we march for Snow Shoe.

Although we offer a hand of mercy and salvation for the SWAT for if they agree to any of these terms we will consider an end to our crusade against them.

  1.  All of SWAT’s servers are surrendered to the Water Vikings
  2. Ganger is removed from SWAT and stripped of all power within the army
  3. SWAT merge into WV

These are our offers of peace you may take them or you will be crushed.


  • No Multilogging
  • All events will be held on CPArmies.net (If CP Armies is down the event will moved forward 30 mins after which if CPA is still down the event will be moved to the same time it was planned just the next day)
  • No dual enlistments
  • No ddosing, doxing or hacking of any form
  • No threatening to release personal info or blackmailing
  • No botting
  • No server transfers


(This is Club Penguin, lets keep this a fun fair war without any complications?)







Server: Ice Box || Room: Town


UK >> 9:00 PM << UK

EST >> 4:00 PM << EST


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