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Weekly Recap

Week In Review

[9.08.20 – 15.08.20]

This week was quite successful, we’ve been getting good consistent sizes (Maxing 26 at the AUSIA event was surprising). Let’s keep up the good work and aim for Top 5 in this week’s TT!


[EU] Practice Battle VS DCP

Max: 26

Click here for the event post


[EU] Pizza Takeover

Max: 32

Click here for the event post



Max: 26

Click here for the event post


[US] Practice Battle vs Elites

Max: 21

Click here for the event post


[AUSIA] Tuba Takeover

Max: 26

Click here for the event post

[09.08.20]Marines merge into WV

*Revan is now a leader

[10.08.20] – Tomapro tells Change to shut up

Joel shows us how to recruit properly
Buddy gets exposed for multilogging (again)

[12.08.20] – #endhydrophobia riot after WV not getting a overtime in the PB vs. SWAT

Photo credit to ManuGinobili

[14.08.20]Buddy returns from his retirement as a leader

[15.08.20] – Chainpro, Cena, Zucc and Jamie Washington (our recent hires) get demoted and put on the Hall of Shame for IP grabbing people

[16.08.20]We get 5th place in CPAH’s TT!

Image of the Week

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