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The Retirement of Thomas83514

Hello Water Vikings,

The time has now come for my leadership of the Water Vikings to sadly come to an end. I thought after Club Penguin Crew that I would never be back in the Club Penguin Army community, I’ve really enjoyed the last 3 months being back here but due to responsibilities outside of Club Penguin armies, I will be stepping down from leader to the position of second in command.


I first joined Club Penguin, named ‘Thomas318’ in the November of 2006. I played the game for three years before discovering my first army, the Nachos, in 2009. I used to help the Nachos and mostly they would raid servers, although I can’t remember much from then, I can remember that I did have fun. I quit Club Penguin in December 2009 when my account got permanently banned and thought it was over, I’d never join again.

Only three months later in March 2010, my friends from school were playing Club Penguin and somehow they managed to convince me to do the same, again. I created my account ‘Thomas83514’ and played along with them. I would play Club Penguin as a bit of a hobby, over the next few years but I would very rarely visit armies.

In 2016, I was really happy to finally get my childhood penguin unbanned. It was the happiest moment in my Club Penguin history! Seeing my old items there brought back all the memories and would influence me to find the Nachos again. I had fun meeting all the new people in that army and although only being in the army three months, I earned the rank of 2ic by late February, early March.

cprewritten cp.png

I was planning on working towards becoming the next Nacho leader, however the original game of Club Penguin closed down, and with it went the Nachos. I hadn’t fulfilled my dream of leading a Club Penguin army, so I decided a few days before the closure of Club Penguin to create my own.

On the 30th of March 2017, I created the Cocoa Warriors, the very first army ever created post-Disney Club Penguin shutdown. I was really enjoying playing Club Penguin Rewritten, since I wasn’t a fan of the “new” Club Penguin. I liked Club Penguin Rewritten so much more, and I led the Cocoa Warriors army to sizes of 25+ by June, before the army was defaced and shut down forever.

I came back a few months later, in November 2017 and revived the Club Penguin Crew Army, CPC. This army I would say I met the greatest friends of all. Bringing people from the Nachos, CW, and having all the people I met in Crew was amazing. These people were all my good friends and I had a real blast running an army with them, I will never forget some of the moments that we shared on the CPC chat. By late January, I had to retire permanently from the Crew, and by March the army was no longer active.


After this, I never saw myself coming back to Club Penguin armies. I mean, why would I come back, WTF!? I’m 20 now! Why am I in armies again? Just… why?

In 2020 though, unfortunately the coronavirus lockdown happened, and while this is a terrible time, it brought me close to my old friends again, and allowed me to make many more. By the beginning of April, I led the Shadow Troops army to 25 – 30+ average sizes. I then merged them into an army created by a lot of my Shadow Troops friends and various other old friends named the Golden Guardians.

Since then, the Water Vikings were revived and I led them, I’ve spent some of my best moments in Club Penguin armies leading the WV with some people I never would have met if it wasn’t for lockdown. The Water Vikings with me and other amazing leaders, owners, moderators and members managed to reach sizes of 50+ and win many battles. I am extremely proud of the army I am part of, and I would miss everything about it if I were to leave. As of July 2020, I’ve got to move on to the next chapter of my life yet again, and whilst I can stay and attend WV events, being leader will be difficult. Fedd and Bluey will do an amazing job.


– 2009 –

Delfi2000 – Delfi is quite possibly one of my best friends I’ve made here. After being friends with Delfi for more than half of my lifetime, she will always remain a good friend, since we exchanged socials in 2016. One of my first Club Penguin friends, one of the 6 friends on my original account, and one that I have stayed in touch with, I’m pleased we have grown up so much through Club Penguin.

– 2016 –

Blueysib6 – We had some enjoyable times on the Nachos chat, They were the days, It’s good that you stuck with me and followed into leading every army that I joined since then too. However, you’re an adult now, do whatever you must do to keep the might Water Vikings high on that top ten.

Cookky2 – I hope you’re currently enjoying life, after Nachos, you were the best advisor for Cocoa Warriors. You were really helpful and there for me helping out with the Club Penguin Crew Army even though you were busy with leading the Elite Guardians. Thanks for your continued support over all this time.

Arureadindis – You were awesome in the Nachos, sorry about everything that went on when I left Club Penguin Crew, you’ve been in the chat in this latest generation but have hardly said a word. I hope we can have another conversation sometime soon.

Conno11 – Most of the stuff I learned about armies was from you in the Nachos. Thanks for being there. I also want to thank you for judging the 2017 Christmas Chaos tournament, even though Elite Guardians won, it’s a battle I enjoyed and is very memorable to me.

Cowboydan101 – Firstly, you’re a great advisor, thanks for helping out with every army that I worked on. Secondly, my success in this generation is due to you introducing me to Pjayo to revive the Shadow Troops. Thanks for being a great friend and all the help every time.

Blueychaz – Thanks for being a great friend in the Nachos, and joining me in Cocoa Warriors and Club Penguin Crew. You’ve helped out in the Shadow Troops, Golden Guardians and Water Vikings generation too. Thanks for being there Blueychazy!

Fabgirl12346 – You made the Nachos chat a fun hangout, and your help in Club Penguin Crew Army hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Although we haven’t spoke much since then it’s good to know you’re still on Discord in 2020.

Guitar48300 – Thanks for being a good friend on the Nachos chat, you were the only U.S. member online during the morning for U.K. members, and that’s when we had our best conversations. Thank you for the help in Cocoa Warriors and Club Penguin Crew as well.

Earthing – I’ve got no idea how I managed to find you towards the end of 2016, because you never used to hang out on the Nachos chat. We became friends somehow, and I’m so grateful your help with Cocoa Warriors and Club Penguin Crew. The fact you’re still around in 2020 and helping out with my armies is a bonus. Thanks Earthing!

Bryce – I forgot to add my favourite Water Troop to the post, but don’t worry it’s better late than never. I don’t really remember our conversations from Nachos. You’re officially the most banned and unbanned person on the Water Vikings chat, so I guess that’s something to be proud of for you. I’ve got you on Snapchat, but I’ve got everyone on there haven’t I. Well I’m very pleased to add you to my retirement post, so that’s fine, and good luck to you in the future.

– 2017 –

Zoomey7878 – I first met you on CPAC chat, I think, through xat. I’ve only really got to know you since Water Vikings in 2020 and you’ve been a really delightful person to work with. I suppose you’re a bit cool but you almost had me when you said you were retiring. I might do a set through voice chat more frequently, like on a weekend so I hope you can attend those. I can’t wait to watch the future of the Water Vikings with you and all the other leaders unfold.

Decoratortax8 – Thanks for being an amazing person to work with, along with detective21, blupufflebro and cool45 for the amazing work done in the Cocoa Warriors army.

xChris – Richest xat user I know, thanks for your help in Club Penguin armies since 2017. You’ve always been a good friend to talk to, don’t be a stranger to the Water Vikings chat.

DramaAlert67 – Don’t know how Club Penguin Crew would have turned out without you, we had our ups and downs and I’ve always regarded you as a friend since the day I recruited you from Club Penguin Rewritten. Thanks for returning again in 2020, only to do again the same damn thing as last time. You were the first person I voice chatted on discord, and you’ll probably be the last too.

TheEmoLatina23 – You were the first female recruit in the Crew, and I didn’t expect you to last so long in armies. It’s funny when I return to armies two years in the future you are pretty much leading SWAT. I don’t miss the “Pomas” GC at all in case you wondered.

Ddkoko – I’ve always known you’d be a great member in armies, since the day I recruited you for the Crew. Thanks for coming back once again in 2020. It’s good that we have retired at the same time, probably one of the best ways to end our time in armies. Be great to keep in touch through the chat my man.

Fedd76 – One person, and the only one person I hired for 4ic in the Crew after a few weeks of getting it running. It wasn’t long after that I promoted you to 3ic and you proved I made the right decision. Since your 2020 return, you’ve come an extremely long way and now you’re also leading the Water Vikings, and that’s great. You’ve been a great person to work with in armies since 2017, so keep it up!

Tymatt – To this day I think of you as one of the nicest people to speak to in armies. You’re small amount of help with Crew in 2017 went a long way. I’ve probably got to know you better through the latest generation and I’m honestly glad we got another chance to lead together. Hope you become a millionaire soon…..

Thanks for your work in CPC, Tophattea, Flame Tobias, PACMAN999, shadowslash, Agent Rocky, fireball463y, FBIDragon, ARTurner, Code7000, darkonorrRIP, DuckThePengu, dylanedes, AdamHW, FreeCandy4 U, JustinTFC and many others.

– 2018 –

ItsZach – Thanks for making so many of those cheaphub accounts, I’ll make sure you’re always remembered for that. It’s sad that you had to return to the Water Vikings army on my last week but I’m glad you came back regardless.

Zeke – Good army leader, thanks for the help towards the end of CPC. Has been good talking to you in the new army times. Continue doing a fantastic job if you continue leading armies, and if not have a well earned retirement.

2018 sort of ran it’s course, from what I remember. I had to make quite a sudden retirement from armies, for the same reason I’m having to leave again this time in 2020. The last month I was fully in armies in 2018 was January, and since I started to become inactive before actually retiring. I can’t really say anything good about it. Ok, onto the next bit…

– 2020 –

Pjayo – I can definitely say I wouldn’t be in armies, or more specifically the Water Vikings, if it wasn’t for you returning. We did good just the two of us, with the Shadow Troops, and we pulled off a better return event than Lord Pain and Shad could have managed. With a load of my old troops and you, and other people, we did make a community out of ourselves in some sense. That developed, when we merged into the Golden Guardians. It developed even further when we brought back the Water Vikings and I can safely say that what we have today all started with how we led the Shadow Troops. It’s known by many that you’re the next in line to retire from WV, however they are gonna need you for now. The way you handled issues with other armies is probably the best I’ve seen from anyone in my entire history in armies.

Tylund1 – I thought you joined CPC’s discord server at one point, but I can’t say I got a good chance to speak to you, back in 2017-2018. Many thanks for assisting my project with the website, that was very kind of you. Thanks for being around to support during 2020 armies, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.

Buddy – I made your name this colour as a punishment for your multilogging! I think you’re a wrong’un. You’ve shown great loyalty to the Golden Guardians and Water Vikings and you’ve always wanted the best for the army. A great leader, I think you’re gonna be a awesome person in that leadership and that Fedd, Bluey, Clifford and any other less experienced leaders can learn a lot from you. Bit late now to turn the Water Vikings anti-Canada, so I’ll keep things as they are for now.

Revan/Totidile – I’m not sure how many more lessons I’m going to need. I think after retiring from the army there’s still a lot of things you can teach me, and I have more time to implement that stuff into my daily life. You truly are inspiring me to become a Revanchist since I can’t fault the guidance you’ve given me since we met!

Adden – You’re actually quite a decent leader, it’s been fun leading with you and it’s gonna be awesome serving alongside you as a 2ic as well as you being 2ic. I mean my reason for retiring is similar to yours. Thanks for being around these last few months!

Superhero123 – To be honest I’d mainly want to applaud you for the CPATG game more than your work in armies, although you’ve played a massive part in armies. The main thing about CPATG is that it really made a massive difference to the whole community. It’s a shame it had to come to an end, but it certainly won’t ever be forgotten.

Storm/sauron – You’re a really nice person to speak to in the chat and I valued your help during the Shadow Troops generation this year, I wish you the best in the future and don’t be scared to come and hang out at the Water Vikings chat.

Polybius – You’re already on your third month in armies. That’s gone so quick, you have been a great member and you stayed loyal even with the changes made as you joined as a Shadow Troop. If you weren’t here I wouldn’t have anyone’s memes to delete. Hope to see you continue doing a great job as a Water Viking my fellow Yorkshire!

Mellen10 – Another UK member, like Polybius, who stuck by the army even after all the changes. We don’t see you at every event but the fact that you still come and check up on us and help when you can is important to us. Hope our friendship can last a whole lot longer.

Minty 3AM Boi (TyDinkyDoo) – Well I can’t fault you for being the most active person on the chat. You really have worked hard to reach 3ic, well done. I doubt you’re going anywhere so I’ll probably still see you in the chat often. Keep focused on the important army stuff such as recruiting and the army will go far!

Tomapro7856 – Tomapro, the youngest person I’ve ever known in armies of all time. Your YouTube videos are magnificent. You really are heading for leadership in the future. Every day you spend on discord you learn more and more. You’re gonna be legendary in the Club Penguin armies future, I believe in you!

Pinecone14 – Can’t really say anything about you other than you’re gonna be a fantastic future leader!

ManuGinobili – Great person to have as owner in the Water Vikings, thanks for your hard work in the army, you’re also a great person to talk to as well. Don’t miss my performances in the voice chat.

Clifford – You seem like someone who could sure handle leader in the Water Vikings! You’re a great 2ic and leader. Carry on making the Water Vikings the best army that ever existed!

Daniel11420 – Thanks for coming to so many events, you seem to know a lot about stuff, I’ve tested frosty out and I think it’s really good so you must be doing something right. Hope to see you in the Water Vikings chat still!

Darkblu – I mean I’ll just make your name Dark Blue since that’s what your name sounds like. You’re a good mod, I’m sure you’ll get owner soon too. Thanks for being a great soldier in the Water Vikings.

Change – You’re either too good at skribbl, or I’m too bad at it. Either way, I’m really pleased that you’ve been active in the army again. I hope you enjoy what you’re doing, whether it’s joining the leadership again or staying on as an advisor. I wish you the best of luck.

Jack283 – We have to go out pinting fairly soon. You’ve helped the army a lot and I enjoy having conversations with you in the chat. Especially when you give your views on something that me and Revan are in the middle of discussing. Hope you keep in touch with me for sure.

Regan – You are just someone who’s opinions should never be ignored in the chat. I like it when you come and go out of the Water Vikings chat since you’re just a relaxing person to spend time speaking to.

Mchappy – Firstly thanks to you and many others from ACP who enjoy helping us out and secondly you’re my favourite person from ACP.

Shinde – You’re one of the best allies and now that I’ve began teaching you English I’m not going to stop so you better attend my next set or else!

Kingfunks4 – So I’m just going to make your name a really ugly colour and don’t think I’m saving the best until last because that’s certainly not what I’m doing… or it might be, I just don’t know. Thanks for coming back and leading the Water Vikings you have made a really good decision. You’re the best WV leader I’ve met in my whole life!


That really is going to have to do I mean if I forgot a certain person I’m going to have to be reminded so that I can just edit it and make it nice again. At this point I’m over 3000 words into the post, I don’t know whether that information is relevant to the reader or not but just thought that I’d mention it.

I reckon now is a good time to stop writing and say thank you to everyone in armies who has made my time here so fantastic. If you want my snap, ask me nicely on chat. If you’re pleased that I’m leaving, please tell me that but you don’t have to say it nicely at all! My time leading armies begins from April the 17th, and officially stops now on July the 5th, 2020.

>>> Thomas83514 <<<

Former Nachos 2ic

Cocoa Warriors Creator, Former Leader/Legend

Club Penguin Crew Reviver, Former Leader/Legend

Shadow Troops Former Leader

Golden Guardians Creator, Former Leader/Legend

Water Vikings Former Leader

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