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A Condemnation of SWAT

Hello Vikings, and others likely reading this. It has come to my attention recently, that Ganger90, founder of SWAT as we know it, as well as co-creator of Golden Troops, and a man who I personally believe deserves legend, has been caught recruiting and stealing troops from the Water Vikings. Admittedly, in a fit of rage, I was ready to jump directly into conflict. However, I went to consult a number of armies and found something startling. This has not only been occurring to us, but also to other armies, namely Ice Warriors, Doritos, Water Troops, Dark Warriors, and the Army of Club Penguin. These are just the armies that I have been able to CONFIRM have faced issues with SWAT, and Ganger90 troop stealing in particular, with the possibility of further armies being subject to this as well. If you have faced issues with Ganger90, or other members of SWAT staff troop stealing, please DM me.

Personally, I have no ill will towards SWAT, it’s staff, or it’s leaders. However. Should I find out this is continuing – in any army – past this warning, the Water Vikings, Doritos, Dark Warriors, and the Army of Club Penguin will not hesitate to take action, and to right this wrong. This is the only post I will put out concerning this activity. For the clarity of SWAT staff, and other leaders who may be concerned with the legitimacy of these claims, I have compiled evidence below, concerning each army.

Water VikingsScreenshot_5Screenshot_4

Army of Club Penguin 

One of the SWAT leaders was allegedly given the screenshot already, no need to repeat here.

Ice Warriors



Dark Warriors



Water Troops


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