• Welcome to WV! We are the strongest, multi-divisional army. We have soldiers from all over the world and we need YOU! Join our Discord and represent your continent on the battlefield! You'll be part of the most legendary organization in Club Penguin History. FEAR THE WAVE! ~Water Vikings Leaders

Fear The Wave…

Despite our loss today, we have overcome a lot of adversity and managed to stay strong throughout this entire generation. The leadership team and HCOM are very proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish throughout this tournament and are very satisfied with our overall performance within the past week.

WV opened up less than 1 month ago, and we can proudly say that we made our way to the Final 8 of the Legends Cup, and put up a damn good fight against the Dark Warriors.

You must all be wondering what our plan of action is from here on out…We are going to be working very hard towards making WV grow into one of the superpower armies of the summer. With group recruiting, increased activity as well as the addition/retention of loyal, reliable and experienced people within the army, we can be maxing above 50 consistently rather quickly. Let’s use today as motivation to move forward.

~ Fear the wave or drown in it ~


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