• Welcome to WV! We are the strongest, multi-divisional army. We have soldiers from all over the world and we need YOU! Join our Discord and represent your continent on the battlefield! You'll be part of the most legendary organization in Club Penguin History. FEAR THE WAVE! ~Water Vikings Leaders

David vs Goliath

Sunday, the 23rd of August 2015, will go down in WV history as the day the humble Water Vikings Empire conquer the giant Rebel Penguin Federation. Since day 1 the cards have been stacked against us, our path to the final has been the most difficult the Legends Cup has ever seen. We annihilated the Cobras, shined on the Dark Warriors and overcame the Blue Miners Army. What lies ahead of us, can only be compared to the biblical story of David vs Goliath. With your help, the Water Vikings can go down in Club Penguin History.

Past WV Leaders, Legends, and Veterans this is a call for you help, the Water Vikings need you for one last battle

Legends Cup Final

Water Vikings vs Rebel Penguin Federation

 Sunday, the 23rd of August 2015

| 8:00PM UK | 3:00PM EST | 2:00PM CST | 1:00PM MST | 12:00PM PST |



Let us make history

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