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Events Post

Edit: Notice how in the events we have now added a “plan” bit. We will be using this for now on in most events except for wars.

Hai WV!

I wont get you guys to comment on this post, but please do if you are looking at it anyway. This week we will be having another Invasion and a Training Session. These are two very important events and here is how the promotions/demotions will work out for it:

If you come to both events: 2 promotions (Novice Warlord and below)

If you come to one event: 1 promotion (Division General and below)

If you come to none of the events: Demotion

By the way, when we start getting larger sizes on CP we will make divisions, more will be released on that topic very soon. Anyway, onto the details:

❗ Training/Recruitment Session ❗

Plan: Start recruiting about 45 mins before (please try to be on xat at this time) event, if needed we will recruit for about an extra ten minutes or if we think we would get a better chat size even if the current one is great, after all the majority of the event doesn’t have to be on CP, it is called “Training/Recruitment”. Once we log on we need everyone to be active on WV chat, leaders advise that you have at the most WV chat and one other chat window open at the time of the event so you don’t get distracted. 

When: Friday 7th December 2012

Where: Sparkle, Starting point at Town


4:00 // CST : 3:00 // MST 2:00 // PST 1:00 // UK : 9:00

❗ Invasion of Snow Plow ❗


Nearly the exact same as above (please check back) but we must get on at  the destined time.

When: Saturday 8th December 2012

Where: Snow Plow, starting at Town


12pm PST//1pm MST//2pm CST//3pm EST//8pm UK //12AM MST//11AM PST

More posts will be coming soon so be sure to keep up to date with our site! 


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