Water Vikings of CP


The current flag of the Water Vikings nation was created and adopted by Pjayo on April 13th, 2022.

Last Updated: January 10th, 2024, by Dino


Foreign Relations

[||||||||] Brother Ally
[||||||||] Allied Army
[||||||||] Cordinal Army
[||||||||] Colonized Army
[||||||||] Neutral
[||||||||] Fredstilstand (Truce)
[||||||||] Enemy/Active Rival
[||||||||] Fiende til hæren (“Enemy of the Army”/at War)

[||||||||] Rebel Penguin Federation
[||||||||] Help Force

[||||||||] Penguins of Madagascar
[||||||||] Army of Club Penguin
[||||||||] Templars of Club Penguin
[||||||||] Dark Vikings
[||||||||] People’s Imperial Confederation
[||||||||] Napalm Corps (PIC)
[||||||||] Coup Crusaders
[||||||||] Winged Hussars
[||||||||] Special Weapons and Tactics
[||||||||] Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
* If you aren’t included here, you are either a very new army (check the edit date at the top), are not significant enough/one-off troll army, or we just don’t recognize you as a legitimate army. All armies are automatically considered “neutral” with Water Vikings unless stated otherwise.



The Water Vikings currently aren’t a part of any maps or leagues, meaning we are territory-less. However, the following servers are considered a part of the Water Vikings historic heartland.


Treaties & Non Aggression Pacts


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